A brilliant post about being a gay spy has gone viral

You know the feeling.

You’re in the middle of a group discussion, having a lovely time, when all of a sudden you realise – you’re the only gay person in the middle of a horde of heterosexuals.

Which is fine, of course.


Except that as the conversation progresses, a new epiphany dawns on you.

You’re alone. Not strictly speaking, of course, and these people may all be perfectly nice, but still – you’re the only LGBT person in the room.

But that’s fine, because you’re secretly undercover.

At least, that’s what a viral post on Reddit has stated.


The post, which originally blew up on Tumblr with more than 327,000 notes, sparked a massive outpouring on Reddit this week when it was put up in the actuallesbians subreddit.

Written by Tumblr user orcasoup, it reads: “those moments when straight people assume you’re one of them and you feel like a gay secret agent.”

Other Tumblr commenters then contributed their hilarious, extremely pun-heavy takes on the concept.

You, sometimes. (Columbia Pictures)

One wrote: “lesbionage.”

Another said: “bi spy,” while the next brilliant soul commented: “it’s an ace case.”

The best was perhaps saved for last, as someone wrote: “Secret gaygent.”


Below the post on Reddit – which has around 1,500 upvotes – one user expanded on the situation with an insight into what it’s like to have knowledge about a community, but not necessarily want to chime in.

Which is fair, because educating people about your humanity can be emotionally exhausting.

They wrote: “What’s really weird about being a femme lesbian who’s just assumed to be straight, is when the straight people around you are having a conversation about LGBT+ topics, usually from stuff in the news.”


“They’re just wrong enough that you want to say something,” they continued, “but not wrong enough that you want to bother with it.

“So you spend the entire conversation not even really listening, but just waiting for them to say something wrong enough that you have to say something.”

The internet has been good to us this week.

On April 8, a short story about a transgender time traveller – contained entirely within one tweet – went viral, with some readers moved to tears.


The tale was published by a 27-year-old trans Londoner, who told PinkNews: “I had hoped people would like it and it would maybe get a couple dozen retweets, maybe a hundred if I was lucky.

“I never dreamed it would be this successful. And the way people have reacted just fills me with joy, I couldn’t be more proud of it,” she added.

“I feel like I made something important. Just a small something, but it meant a lot to people who typically don’t get to see stories about themselves, and that in turn means a lot to me.”

And another viral post warmed hearts everywhere, as a trans woman showed off her “gender transfiguration” from Harry Potter to Ginny Weasley.