Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans are here for Rosa’s ‘bisexual panic’ over new love interest

During the final episode of its fifth season last night on Sunday night, Brooklyn Nine-Nine finally introduced a new romantic interest for police detective Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) and fans absolutely loved it.

Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez made her debut as ride-share driver Alicia and it was clear from the wide-eyed look on her face that Diaz was pretty smitten from the second she pulled up.

Viewers reacted to Diaz’s obvious attraction to Alicia on social media, with many stating that they recognised the expression on her face all too well.

“THAT’S THE BISEXUAL PANIC,” one Twitter user exclaimed while another wrote: “Rosa bi panicking over Alicia and the two instantly connecting with each other is the best thing on Brooklyn Nine Nine.”

Others simply thought the two were great together and voiced that they couldn’t wait to see more of them in future seasons.




Their brief interactions together saw Alicia go to pick up Diaz and her precinct colleague Terry (Terry Crews) in their attempts to fix fellow police detective Amy Santiago’s wedding veil.

Terry, picking up on how much the two women are “vibing” desperately tries to hook them up and awkwardly shouts that, “Rosa is single.”

Their shared scenes also featured the pair bonding over the fact that “all hats are dumb” and Diaz calling Alicia “so smart.”

There’s a playful hint as to how Rodriguez got to be involved in the show too, when Diaz says: “This is what the universe wants.”

Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez stars as cab driver Alicia in Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s latest season finale (YouTube)

You see, while it’s a treat to see the notoriously hard-to-please detective find someone she actually likes straight-out-the-gate, and the promise of Diaz exploring her sexuality onscreen is exciting, fans have another reason to be thrilled about Rodriguez’s involvement in the show and that’s that they kind of helped make it happen.

Shortly after Diaz came out as bisexual on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, co-creator Dan Goor revealed that they were keen to introduce a love interest for the character – but that it might not necessarily be the woman we’d previously heard Diaz talking to on the phone.

Around the same time, Beatriz – who is openly bisexual in real-life – explained: “I just read a script for next week’s table read and it’s got some really exciting possibilities for Rosa and her lady friends.” She went on to reel off dream castings to play Diaz’s potential girlfriend, name-dropping Kate McKinnon, Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez.


A keen Rodriguez responded to the interview on Twitter, explaining that she was lip-glossed up and ready to go if they ever wanted to honour Beatriz’s picks. She also tagged Beatriz and Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s official page asking for an audition. Well, it looks like wishing things into existence is a worthwhile practice after all!

Considering Alicia was introduced in a season finale, and judging by how much of an impression she seemed to make on Diaz, it seems safe to assume that fans will see her again in the show’s sixth season. Here’s hoping anyway, eh?