Cute gay couple hand plane passengers goodie bags to mark baby’s first flight

A gay couple have gone viral after they offered plane passengers goodie bags while travelling to Europe with their infant.

The flight was the baby’s first ever plane ride, and the pair of dads, nervous about their little one potentially crying, warned other travellers with letters and gifts.

The whole affair was documented by former One Direction singer Niall Horan, who happened to be sitting on the same flight.

The singer shared a picture of the letter – which contained a lovely picture of baby Marit – on Twitter and wished both dads good luck.

“Hi Stranger,” the letter reads. “My name is Marit. Today I’m 18 days old. I’m flying home to europe with my dads. This is my first flight ever. I will do my utmost to be on my best behavior to ensure that you have a peaceful flight.

“I would like to apologize in advance if — I for any reason loose my cool, my temper, my ears hurt or my tummy gets fussy. I think my dads are more nervous than I am, so they made you this goodie bag. Have a nice flight.”

Baby Marit was “quiet as a mouse” for the 10-hour journey, according to the singer.

Horan complimented the couple in a subsequent tweet, calling them a “class act.”

Twitter users loved the story, some saying that “Marit has the best dads,” and that the story was “just too cute.”

Some were deeply moved by the couple’s thoughtful move.


But, mostly, people wanted to know what was in the bag.


Thankfully, a Twitter user who was on the same flight shared the contents of the goodie bag they received. It contained several pieces of candy and earplugs.

Many couples with young kids choose to give their plane neighbours goodie bags to apologise for potential tantrums or crying fits. This may be one of the cutest traveling trends of the recent years.

However, in 2016, Today published an opinion piece that questioned the sweet action, calling it plain “wrong.”

“Babies are babies, and sometimes they cry. Everyone needs to just accept that reality and get over it,” wrote Today Parents editor Rebecca Dube.

“Trust me, first-time parents: You will have plenty of opportunities throughout your child’s life to apologise on their behalf,” Dube added. “As the mother of two rambunctious boys who are still learning to use their indoor voices, ‘sorry’ is an integral part of my vocabulary.”

Niall Horan attends the Z100’s Jingle Ball 2017 backstage on December 8, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty)

Horan was flying from the US, where he was spotted in Los Angeles with actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld.

The two seemed to enjoy a night out on Monday.

They have been rumoured to be dating since they were photographed dancing together at a Backstreet Boys show in Las Vegas back in February, although neither of them has confirmed the romance yet.