Model Talulah-Eve left ‘mortified’ by ‘disgusting transphobic abuse’ at top London club

Leading model Talulah-Eve has told PinkNews she was left ‘mortified’ after allegedly receiving ‘disgusting transphobic abuse’ on Tuesday night at  top London nightclub Tape London.

The 23-year-old, who became the first transgender contestant on Britain’s Next Top Model last year, spoke out to PinkNews about the abuse, claiming that one member of staff deliberately misgendered her – and her complaints were met by security surrounding her.

She added that it was the second time she has faced discrimination from the club that is described on its website as an “exclusive nightclub offering an elegant party experience for an elite, global crowd.”

The model told PinkNews that she had been on a night out with friend Tia Latham from ITV2’s Survival of the Fittest, when the abuse allegedly happened.

Talulah-Eve earlier this month. (Ricky Vigil/Getty Images)

“I was met with discrimination in the cloakroom area as one of the staff members ignored my request for my belongings [in order] to take another person’s request, who had just came up behind me,” said Talulah-Eve.

“I was unaware that the other person who had just pushed in front of me to take her belongings was a member of staff.”

“In that moment I was annoyed that someone could be so rude to just ignore me to serve someone else, so I said to the girl who was pushing in front: ‘Excuse me!,’ to which she responded: ‘I’m a manager, so shut up you MAN!'”


The model continued: “As you can imagine I was mortified that a member of staff could be so abusive. Furthermore this is the second I have been discriminated against as last year I was denied access into the club for no reason at all when I was met with daggering looks from the door staff.”

“So it became a scene! Eventually a manager came out to speak to me after I had been escorted out of venue to which he then said: ‘Look it’s her last shift tonight’…I replied saying: ‘But that’s no excuse to throw transphobic insults at me’.”

Emily Macfarlane, events manager at Tape London, told PinkNews: “The incident has been reported to management and I can hereby state that a full investigation into the matter has been commissioned and appropriate actions will be taken against erring persons after the investigation.

“Preliminary information reaching me has it that the contractor involved was actually serving her last shift with the company but that should not mean that we will not be taking this matter seriously and making sure that such incidence never happens again.

“Tape regrets the inconvenience Ms. Tulah-Eve [sic] has experienced and would like to state that the company does not discriminate against its clients on gender, tribe, religion, race, or any other orientation whatsoever.

“We have built our reputation over the years on the top quality service we render and the way we take care of our clients.”

Macfarlane added that the club would contact Talulah-Eve to “express our regrets directly.”