Transgender Britain’s Next Top Model contestant Talulah-Eve threatened with acid attack

A transgender Britain’s Next Top Model contestant was threatened with an acid attack on Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Talulah-Eve took to Twitter to share screen shots of someone making the vile threats towards her.

She wrote: “I’m never really one to go on and on about the trolling I receive but when people threaten me with an ‘acid attack’ it’s just hard to fathom what goes on in people’s minds in order to say sickening things like that.”

In the screenshot, a man named Robert posts “Acid attack” and Talulah’s fans rush to her defence.

One wrote: “Are you serious? Acid attack? You need to grow up. Haven’t you got kids? Real role model you are.”

Another wrote: “Is that a threat, because you could really be considered a huge threat…. if so, Talulah-Eve Brown could easily go to the police about you.”

A source told PinkNews: “Talulah-Eve is in absolute shock. It’s horrifying that such threats are in fashion.

“On any day, it’s unacceptable, but it speaks volumes with the threat being made on the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

“A day which is used to pay our respects to the many transgender people who’ve passed away, through suicide and hate violence — and to make sure no more lives are tragically taken. It just shows we still have a long way to go.”

Talulah-Eve became the first transgender model to appear on Britain’s Next Top Model.

Speaking on Lorraine, the model and reality star opened up about her journey to transitioning.

She explained: “Growing up it was a little bit difficult for me because I didn’t understand what I was.

“There was no real education about it when I was growing up – not even about being gay or anything, let alone transgender.

“I didn’t understand what I was until I read a story about [transgender reality star] Nadia Almada from Big Brother and thought ‘oh my god, this is me!’

“I knew from that moment on, I was the same as her. But people at school were never going to understand that, so it was easier for me to come out as gay.

“That’s what I did, and as I got older I started to experiment, and thought, you know what? I don’t care what people think anymore, I’m just going to be me and be happy.”

Ms Brown transitioned to female a few years ago, but explains that her family were only able to fully understand her after seeing the support she got on Next Top Model.

Of her family’s reaction, she said: “Doing it so publicly [on Next Top Model] has really helped my family accept me because they’re seeing the support from people. My grandma thinks I’m crazy to be honest.”