Watch: Bisexual women reveal the first time they realised they were bi

From the first time holding hands in public, to the first time realising you were LGBTQ, we all have a first time story.

First Times is a new PinkNews YouTube series, with each episode dedicated to a different identity under the LGBTQ umbrella.

In the first episode, bisexual women share their first times.

From the moment they realised they were bisexual, to the first time they held hands in public, these six women share their stories on camera.

Watch the first episode of First Times below:

For Sanisha Wynter, it was meeting a girl at a party as a teen that made her realise she was bisexual.

“The feeling I got inside was more than the butterflies feeling, it was a magnetic, gravitational pull,” she explained.

“I had to talk to this person, I had to be with them.”

Aleisha, on the other hand, struggled before finding the right label for her.

“I didn’t realise bisexuality was a thing,” she explained.

Ki and Aleisha (PinkNews)

“I knew I liked girls and guys and was like, ‘I can’t decide if I’m a lesbian or not.’

“And then I met a friend when I went to high school and they were like, ‘Bisexuality is a thing, you’re allowed to like both’ – and I was like, yeah, that’s me.”

Erin Ekins explained TV shows like Torchwood helped her realise but that, for her, recognising her feelings isn’t always simple.

Being autistic, she explained, makes it harder as often experiences like holding hands in public can cause her to go through sensory overload.

Erin and Sanisha (PinkNews)

For Ki Hng, realising she was bisexual came when a friend asked her if she could ever imagine herself being with a woman.

“I grew up in Malaysia – there were no bi characters on TV.

“I didn’t know it was possible until someone actually asked me: ‘Do you think you could go out with a girl?’

“And then I realised, it isn’t just, ‘Yeah I could,’ but ‘I really, really want to.’”

35-year-old Mel Stride, who heads up Body Positive Fitness Alliance, knew she was bisexual as a teenager.

Mel and Rudo (PinkNews)

“All that I did about it at the time was just be really awkward around female friends,” she joked.

Rudo had a moment of realisation while on a train and seeing a woman sat opposite that she realised she was attracted to.

“I remember that was the first time really looking at a woman and going, ‘Oh, my God, I fancy her,’” she explained.