Now transgender people are being blamed for turning fish trans

A woman speaking at a controversial feminist meeting has claimed that trans people are responsible for polluting the rivers and seas – causing fish to “forcibly” change gender, and damaging crocodiles and alligators.

The woman, known only as Elizabeth, who claimed to be an “environmentalist and eco-activist” was speaking at a meeting called Inconvenient Women hosted by lesbian trans-exclusionary radical feminists Sheila Jeffreys and Nicole Jones on Wednesday.

The event was organised by a group called We Need To Talk, which is currently holding a number of events in the UK and Ireland to protest against the proposed reform of the Gender Recognition Act in the UK.

Elizabeth spoke to the audience about “synthetic hormones” taken by transgender people.

“Another thing that really breaks my kind of heart is oestrogen-ic pollution, which is that because of trans and because of HRT [hormone replacement therapy],” she said.

“We’re peeing a lot of oestrogen, synthetic oestogren into the water and that’s forcibly ‘trans-ing’ the fish, and that means that crocodiles and alligators are in danger.

“It means fresh water fish are in danger. It means we’re destroying the world partially because of the trans ideology.

“So, it reaches into a lot of things that don’t seem immediately connected. So let’s do our homework and start planning on that front as well.”

Elizabeth can be heard speaking from about one hour and 47 minutes into a video of the talk.

The video currently has 4,163 views, and 352 comments, many of which are supportive of the event.

Responding to Elizabeth’s comments, Sarah Brown, a member of Stonewall’s Trans Advisory Group and a trans woman, told PinkNews: “The hormone quote is absurd. Trans hormones these days are bio-identical, which means they’re the same molecules made by human ovaries and testes.

“The oestrogen in a trans woman’s urine is the same as the oestrogen in a cis woman’s urine.”

Elizabeth claimed oestrogen used by transgender people is making fish change gender. (Wikimedia Commons)

She added: “If they really cared about ocean pollution then they’d campaign on plastic waste rather than finding yet another thing to blame trans people for.”

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The video was uploaded on Wednesday and was held near Euston in London. According to the event page, the exact location details were not disclosed “due to violent opposition to these meetings from transactivists [sic].”