You can now ask Alexa ‘Am I gay?’ and other LGBT-related questions

Stonewall and Amazon have teamed up this Pride month to educate allies of the LGBT+ community.

If you have an Amazon Echo, you can now ask Alexa questions like, “Am I gay?” You will then be directed to visit Stonewall’s support and guidance resources.

You can also ask questions about the LGBT+ community and be given answers that were informed by Stonewall.

The charity worked with Amazon to create the LGBT+ dictionary so that when a question is asked the definition will be informed by Stonewall or will be signposted to Stonewall’s support resources.

The technology seeks to educate potential allies who may be confused or worried about offending the LGBT+ community.

Laura Bambach of Mr President (The Drum/YouTube)

The new voice technology was unveiled on Monday by Stonewall’s creative agency, Mr President.

In a video for The Drum, Mr President’s chief creative officer Laura Bambach explained that “this is a creative opportunity to educate people and make them feel more confident and to do that in their own home where it’s a safe environment.”

According to the video, you can ask Alexa, “Am I gay?” and she will reply, “If you are, you’ll find you are attracted primarily to people of your own sex.”Bambach went on to say: “So the idea is you’re able to actually ask Alexa all of these things that you’ve always wanted to know, get a bit more understanding and hopefully become a better ally.”

Amazon’s Alexa

The project hopes to get onto Google’s voice system soon.

The new skill for Alexa will be promoted in advertisements with Alexa wearing a Come Out for LGBT T-shirt and will be seen around the UK during Pride celebrations.

Back in April Amazon added 60 titles to its LGBTQ media selection, following a partnership with Outfest and just a few weeks ago Alexa had been given 90 facts relating to the LGBT+ community for Pride month in the US.