Drag Race reunion: The Vixen compares RuPaul to ‘Reddit troll’ after heated clash

RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant The Vixen criticised RuPaul for glossing over race issues after storming out of the show’s reunion.

Vixen decided to leave the set of last night’s episode after a verbal altercation with fellow contestant Eureka O’Hara and host RuPaul.

Vixen and O’Hara spent most of their time on the show arguing with each other, which produced most of Season 10’s drama.

RuPaul discussed these scenes during the reunion – but when it came time to discuss these tension, the Chicago contestant decided to thank her fans and exit the set. This propelled a heated response from the show’s host, who shared his dismay with the remaining queens, saying the Vixen was beyond help.

The Vixen has now responded to RuPaul, comparing him to a “Reddit troll.”

Things heated up during last night’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. (VH1)

“Ru is there to be a moderator and it felt like I was having a fight with her,” she told Into magazine.

“[…] It felt like I was talking to a Reddit troll. It was like, with her being a person in the public eye, you think that she would understand that I had more layers than that,’ she added.

Vixen did not feel her portrayal on the show did her justice, an issue many ‘Ru girls’ struggled with in the past.

With Vixen gone, RuPaul told the remaining queens: “I come from the same goddamn place she comes from! And here I am! You see me walkin’ out? No, I’m not walking out. I fucking learned how to act around people and how to deal with shit. I’m not fucking walking out and saying, ‘Fuck all y’all!’ That’s disrespectful. To each of you.

“I have been discriminated against by white people for being black, by black people for being gay, by gay people for being too femme.

“Did I let that stop me from getting to this chair? No, I had to separate what I feel or what my impression of the situation is to put my focus on the goal. You can’t just make excuses for bad behaviour or for inconsiderate behaviour.”

RuPaul felt disrespected by the Vixen, who stormed out during Drag Race Season 10’s reunion episode. (VH1)

Talking to Into, Vixen revealed her mother was in the hospital at the time of the Drag Race reunion was filmed and that she was discouraged from skipping the episode, as it would make her look “petty” to viewers.

The performer also said she felt production was “glossing over” issues of race and discrimination, something she discussed with her white and black race mates in the show’s behind-the-scenes companion show, Untucked.

“They skipped over the most important conversation of the series! I think so much of the conversation that we’ve started has been about the problems of the fandom and I think this reunion shows the problems on the show,” she said.

Season 8 winner Bob the Drag Queen discussed racial bias within the Drag Race fandom on Twitter, echoing Vixen’s words and pointing out that black queens tend to have less social media followers than white ones.

The winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 will be announced next week. Head here for a full recap of Thursday’s episode.