Drag Race’s Mistress appears to disown drag daughters Sugar and Spice: ‘They’re just trolls’

Mistress Isabelle Brooks

RuPaul’s Drag Race finalist Mistress Isabelle Brooks has seemingly disinherited her season 15 sisters and drag daughters, Sugar and Spice.

During last year’s season 15, biological twins Sugar and Spice entered the Werk Room and opened up about wishing to be part of a real-life drag scene, having begun their drag careers as social media infleuncers.

Then, shortly after the season started, contestant Mistress Isabelle Brooks issued an update on Instagram, declaring that she had adopted the drag duo into her own drag family.

“Getting the opportunity to expand my drag family has been the greatest unexpected blessing to come from my time on RuPaul’s Drag Race,” she wrote in the sweet post, alongside a photo of her sitting next to the pair.

Yet it seems that Mistress is no longer playing happy families with Sugar and Spice, declaring in a post on X/Twitter that her beloved children are actually “just trolls” and that the trio “don’t talk”.

The 25-year-old, Texas-based queen reacted to a TikTok in which Spice ranked Drag Race queens based on how “hot” they are in terms of personality, and sadly put Mistress in ninth place, out of ten.

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As she did so, she sarcastically chuckled and said: “Oh my God, my bestie.”

While Mistress insisted that there’s “no beef” between her and the TikTok stars, she did, in the words of All Stars 9 favourite Roxxxy Andrews, come to make it clear that they’re estranged.

“They’re just trolls who know what to say and how to clickbait people into interacting with their content. There is no tea… we just don’t talk,” she explained.

“We don’t have much in common and things like this let me know exactly who they are & how they operate.”

As ever, the Drag Race fandom is lapping up the “no beef” beef, with one fan declaring that Mistress has officially “put Sugar and Spice up for adoption”.

“I’m sorry but yet again another reason you shouldn’t have kids too young,” a second joked.

No matter Mistress Isabelle Brooks’ relationship with Sugar and Spice, she will always be mother to us.

Last year, Mistress, Sugar, Spice and fellow season 15 queen Malaysia Babydoll Foxx were planning to go on tour together, but Mistress announced in September that the idea was off.

Though Drag Race season 16 has now come to an end, fans don’t have long to wait for their next fix: RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 9 is coming on 17 May.