Man boasts about anti-gay murder before pulling a knife on Tinder date

A man is facing jail after boasting about his part in an anti-gay murder to his Tinder date.

Alexander Kindred, 26, pulled a knife on the woman and threatened to kill police officers and blow up a building in Perth and Kinross, Scotland, after referencing his assault of gay council worker James Kerr in 2007.

Kindred, who admitted another assault in 2014 and has been cleared of at least two other assaults, punched Kerr before phoning two friends and telling them that the council worker had come on to him.

Kindred was at Perth Sheriff Court (john lord/flickr)

The men he called, David Meehan and Martin Souter, came to his location and attacked Kerr, resulting in his death.

Meehan was sentenced to life in prison for murder, while Souter was handed six years in prison for culpable homicide.

Kindred, who was 15, was sentenced to one year in a youth offender institute.

(Flickr/Brian Turner)

Kindred told his date: “You don’t know what I’m capable of” (Flickr/Brian Turner)

This week, Perth Sheriff Court heard how a date with a woman who Kindred met on Tinder spiralled to the extent that firefighters, armed officers and police negotiators were called to the woman’s flat.

Depute fiscal Carol Whyte told the court that the two went for a drink together in town, where two of the woman’s relatives joined them and soon became concerned by Kindred’s “strange” behaviour, according to The Courier.

“The accused and the woman left the pub at 11pm and Kindred told her he had once killed a man,” Whyte continued.

“The woman told him she couldn’t help him deal with that.”

Kindred brandished a knife at the woman (SaminatorH/flickr)

After going back to the woman’s flat, Kindred appeared with a kitchen knife and brandished it in front of her, telling his date: “You don’t know what I’m capable of.”

Whyte said: “The woman managed to persuade the accused to put the knife back in the knife block in the kitchen but told him she didn’t want to see him again.

“She told him she had to go to the toilet and managed to flee from the flat. Her sister had Googled the accused and tried phoned her to warn her about him.”

The court heard how when police arrived at the building just before 1am, Kindred told them that he would kill them with the shotgun and a crossbow he had.

The 26-year-old, whose stated address was Perth Prison, “told police he would blow up the flat and set himself on fire if officers tried to come in,” Whyte said.

GLASGOW, UNITED KINGDOM - DECEMBER 07: Police officers patrol Buchanan Street in Glasgow, December 7, 2007 in Scotland.There is growing anger as Scotland's police officers will receive a larger pay rise than their colleagues in England and Wales. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Kindred told the police that he would kill them with a shotgun and crossbow (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty)

“He told the police: ‘I’m going to take three of you out. I am a taxpaying citizen – I will take you out.'”

The accused was also heard smashing objects in the flat, the court heard, but was eventually convinced to give himself up to the authorities.

Kindred admitted that between April 13 and 14, he brandished a knife, uttered threats of violence, threw household items around, causing damage, threatened to blow up the flat and set himself on fire, and repeatedly told police that he’d kill them.

Sheriff William Wood said sentencing would be deferred until August 13, until which point Kindred would be remanded in custody.

He told the court: “Custody is at the forefront of my mind.”

In May, a High Court judge recommended that Scotland should become the first country in the UK to recognise gender and age as aggravating factors in hate crimes.

This followed the revelation last year that Scotland was no longer the most progressive country in Europe on LGBT rights.