Man arrested after being filmed calling teenagers ‘f**king little faggot’ and ‘half-breeds’

An Idaho man has been charged with a hate crime after he was filmed yelling horrifically homophobic and racist abuse at a youth group.

52-year-old Richard Sovenski was arrested after confronting teenagers eating ice-cream outside a McDonald’s, calling them “f**king little faggot,” “f**king half-breeds” and “f**king n***** wannabes.”

The incident is the latest in a series of filmed incidents of abuse earlier this week – one in which a lesbian couple in Oregon was called a “c**t” and “gay pride ass bitch”, and another which saw a man abuse a bisexual woman on her doorstep in Plymouth.

Sovenski has been charged with a hate crime (Mitch Ryals/vimeo)

California Polytechnic State University also rescinded a scholarship to 18-year-old wrestler Bronson Harmon after he was seen hurling homophobic abuse in a viral video.

The high schoolers, who were on a field trip with their Spokane, Washington church, documented Sovenski’s rant, even yelling back at him to make their outrage clear.

He yelled at them: “Get the f**k gone, you f**king idiots! F**king morons… get a f**king job! F**king morons.”

The teenagers were visibly shocked (Mitch Ryals/vimeo)

After one of the teenagers commented that “that’s why I don’t come to Idaho,” the 52-year-old grown man responded, saying: “Yeah! That’s why you don’t come to Idaho!

“We’re real f**king men here, you bitch!”

He continued: “You got a f**king problem, you bitch? I’m your f**king guy! I’m your f**king guy, you little f**king bitch. You’re a f**king bitch.

“I will f**k you up in a f**king heartbeat, you f**king little faggot.”

One of the girls in the group interrupts the tirade, saying in a shocked voice: “‘Faggot?!'”

“Oh f**k you, you f**king half-breed! Get the f**k out of Idaho!” the man shouts back.

The man with Sovenski eventually escorted him back inside (Mitch Ryals/vimeo)

“F**k you, you f**king half-breeds! Get the f**k out of here!”

He then yells: “You f**king n***** wannabes!” and is escorted back inside by another man, who earlier seemed to try to stop the teenagers from filming the incident, before ending the video rubbing his genitals while making a face at the kids.

Sovenski told police that he filled his rant with racist and homophobic slurs because he was “trying to get the upper hand,” according to TV station KREM.

Following the incident in Coeur d’Alene on July 12, Sovenski was arrested and charged with one count of misdemeanour battery and one count of felony malicious harassment – which is Idaho’s hate crime statute.

The kids were on a field trip from Washington (Mitch Ryals/vimeo)

He was taken to Kootenai County Jail, the New York Post has reported.

Jose Ceniceros, the group’s youth leader, said: “Five minutes earlier we were in church.

“The kids couldn’t really believe it.”

He claimed that the racist and homophobic tirade began inside the McDonald’s, and that Sovenski sucker-punched him near the doors, at which point the two men scuffled.

Sovenski is scheduled to appear at preliminary hearings on July 27 and 31 for the malicious harassment charge.

Watch the video below (warning: contains distressing language)

CdA McDonald’s hate crime from Mitch Ryals on Vimeo.