Man describes suspect in fatal shooting as ‘buff’ and ‘sexy’

A man speaking to CNN about the suspect in a fatal shooting in California described him as “buff” and “sexy.”

Miguel Trujillo was speaking to the US news channel about the gunman, who took around 40 people hostage at Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles, when he made the remarks over the phone.

An employee from the supermarket, Melyda Eldorado, died in the stand-off and shootout with police, which lasted for about three hours on Saturday, reports CNN.

It has not been confirmed how Eldorado died.

Police are holding Gene Evin Atkins, 28, on suspicion of one count of murder and a number of other charges, which have yet to be revealed. His bail is set at $2 million.

Los Angeles police Officer Mike Lopez told CNN that Atkins had been fleeing an earlier shooting that day involving his grandma and a young woman.

Describing the suspect to CNN, Trujillo said: “He is a buff, sexy black guy with dreads. And he’s maybe, like, six – maybe like six – if not 5′ 11″. He’s around six feet. He’s really buff. And, that’s it, he ran fast, he got out of there.”

The clip of Trujillo phoning into CNN was posted on Twitter by a user called Bwelchka, who wrote: “When you ask a gay man what the suspect looked like you’re going to get the truth… ,” before adding: “Hope everyone is safe though.”

Some people managed to escape Trader Joe’s through a back window.

Six people aged between 12 and 81 were taken to the hospital, the Los Angeles Fire Department told CNN. None have life-threatening injuries.


The post of Trujillo has spit opinion among social media users.

One person said Trujillo’s description as “hilarious,” with another saying: “Gay men will always tell you the truth. LOL.”

However, one user wrote: “A buff sexy guy with dreads that shot his grandma and girlfriend. How F**ked up is that? [sic]”

And one person simply responded: “Someone died.”

Police arresting the suspect. (ABC7)

In a statement following the attack, Trader Joe’s said: “Yesterday marks the saddest day in Trader Joe’s history as we mourn the loss of one of our own. Our thoughts are with her family, and our Crew Members and customers who experienced this terrifying and unimaginable ordeal.”

Writer and director Zack Bornstein posted on Twitter: “I was at that Trader Joe’s last night. My friend escaped the shooting today. Gun violence is not some far off thing. It’s in our backyard.

“This country is captive to a terrorist gun lobby, who could stop this at any time, & it makes me fucking ill. Stay safe, friends.”