Postal service employee allegedly calls gay couple ‘faggots’

A gay couple from Ohio, Columbus, has alleged that a United States Postal Service (USPS) employee called them “white faggots.”

Michael Coward and Michael Callaghan, who are engaged, were on their way to a dinner party on Tuesday night when Coward saw his post was being delivered, reports 10TV.

Coward told the news station that he went to pick up his mail, but the USPS worker got annoyed that he didn’t wait until she had finished sorting the post.

The pair then starting arguing.

Callaghan took to Facebook on Tuesday, writing: “So, the postal woman just called Michael and I ‘white faggots’ and shouted at us for five minutes straight. I’ve called the police.”

Coward shared Callaghan’s post, adding: “I just had the pleasant opportunity to be called a faggot by a United States postal carrier.

“I have her on video admitting to calling me a faggot, as well as saying that I will never receive mail again.”

He continued: “Admittedly I called her a bitch, but given the circumstances I felt it was appropriate. I can handle being called a faggot, that’s not a new experience for me, but as a federal employee I feel your actions should have consequences.

“She took my mail saying I would never get mail again, took my name plate out of my mailbox, and on top of that left the mail box open without locking it back up. This whole encounter was just appalling.”

Michael Callaghan (left) and Michael Coward. (Michael Callaghan/Facebook)

Coward said he started filming the incident just after the employee called him and his fiancé the homophobic slur.

In a video Coward gave to 10TV, he confronts the USPS worker over her use of the anti-gay insult.

She responds: “I called you what you are.”

However, she can’t be heard saying the homophobic slur in the video filmed by Coward.

Watch the video below: 

A USPS spokesperson told 10TV said the allegations were “very concerning.”

“These actions – if true – are not consistent with and don’t represent the values of the Postal Service organisation and will not be tolerated,” the spokesperson added.

“You can be assured that this alleged incident is being fully investigated and that the Postal Service will take whatever action is appropriate.”