Pizza shop fires employee who was caught on camera calling gay customer a ‘f****t’

Toronto pizza shop fires employee filmed calling gay customer a 'f****t'

A pizza restaurant in Toronto says it has sacked an employee who was filmed calling a gay customer a “faggot”.

Jeremy Mizu filmed the altercation with a member of staff at Gino’s Pizza in Toronto, Canada on Friday night.

Toronto pizza restaurant employee filmed calling customer a faggot.

In the clip, the employee questions why the man is filming, asking: “Because you’re a faggot?”

Sharing the video, Mizu tweeted: “Last night I was called a faggot and told to leave store because I opened the door and it was cold.

“This is the worker after the manager had been standing up for him. Here he is calling me a faggot and smirking.”

Mizu explained on Twitter that the that row had started because he had opened the door, and that he was subsequently refused service.

He said: “To call me a faggot several times for opening the door? Still unacceptable.”

Owners apologise to LGBT+ community for employee’s actions

The clip led to a flood of anger towards the restaurant, which faced a slew of negative reviews online.

The owners have since issued an apology and confirmed that the employee who was filmed in the clip has now been fired.

Gino's Pizza in Toronto has apologised for the employee's conduct

Gino’s Pizza in Toronto has apologised to the LGBT+ community for the employee’s conduct and says they are no longer working there

Gino’s Pizza said in a statement: “After being alerted to this situation by the Twitter community, Gino’s Pizza management has been investigating this issue.

“This was clearly a violation of our staff conduct policies and code of ethics that all of our employees must adhere to.

“We take this matter extremely seriously and as a result the employee involved has been terminated.

“Gino’s Pizza is a supporter of the LGBTQ community and apologies for the actions of this former employee.”

Pizza and homophobia can both be big business.

In 2018, a pizza shop in Indiana that vowed to discriminate against gay couples closed down permanently – after its owners raked in more than $845,000 in donations from gullible anti-gay fundamentalists.