Lesbian teacher who was accused of promoting ‘gay agenda’ is reappointed

A lesbian art teacher from Mansfield, Texas, has been reappointed almost a year after she was put on leave after a parent complained that she was promoting the “homosexual agenda.”

There was an international outcry last year when Stacy Bailey was placed on paid administrative leave after the complaint was made. She filed a federal lawsuit against Charlotte Anderson Elementary School for their treatment of her in May.


The incident occurred when she shared photos of her friends, family and partner with children at the beginning of term last August. Shortly afterwards, she was placed on leave with pay by the Mansfield Independent School District.

She is now due to start a new academic year, but will now be teaching art to students in grades nine to 12 and will be based at Lake Ridge High School instead, according to Star Telegram.

Her attorney, Jason Smith, said the new role would be a learning curve for Bailey given her experience up until now has been with elementary school students.

He suggested that the move to a larger classroom size was a deliberate attempt to frustrate her and encourage her to resign, the Telegram reports.

The school said it completed its internal investigation, however Bailey’s attorney has suggested that the investigation was effectively non-existent.

She filed a lawsuit in May, which said that she “shared photos of her parents, her family, her ‘future wife’, her best friends, and pictures of [herself] as a child in an effort to engage the students.

“This technique is widely used by other teachers,” the lawsuit continued. “[Bailey] then showed the students slides providing class rules, rewards and expectations for the year.


“Later that week, [she] was informed by the Principal that a parent complained to the school board and superintendent about [Bailey] promoting the ‘homosexual agenda’ by discussing her ‘future wife.’”

The school district denied the allegations

The school suggested in a statement to the Star Telegram in May that Bailey had failed to follow district guidelines, which state that “controversial subjects” be taught in an “impartial and objective manner.”

Bailey married her partner, Julie Vasquez in March.