Other people are having much less sex than you think

Women looking satisfied in bed, which according to LGBT+ science is normal for women who have sex with women.

A new study has revealed that millennials are having sex way less often than you think they are.

The Ipsos MORI research, which will be published in the polling company’s new book The Perils of Perception, shows that people think 18 to 29-year-olds are having around four times more sex than they are.

So if you enjoy sex, but are one of the people who unironically participated or found consolation in this summer’s hilarious ‘days without sex’ meme, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

This is your perception of other people, on average (Pexels)

The study, reported by Raw Story, asked people in the US and UK to guess how many times young men had sex in a month, to which respondents guessed 14, on average.

If your eyes just bulged at the idea of making love nearly once every two days, that’s because it is genuinely unusual.

On average, men in the UK will have five sexual encounters a month, while their American counterparts will knock boots four times.

You can stop thinking about how everyone else is having sex but you now (Pexels)

That misjudgment is nothing though, compared to the amount of sex which men assume women have.

On average, they said that British women have sexual relations 22 times a month, with American women enjoying 23 romps in the sack – or wherever – every month.

The true answer is around five times a month – well under the men’s wild estimates.

“They think we have sex how often?!” (Pexels)

So if you’re in the majority of people who think the average young person’s having more sex than them, let the facts soothe your fears – and then go have as much or as little sex as you and your partner/s want, without worrying about the numbers.

A study published in March showed that women who have sex with women are more likely to orgasm.

Researchers at the University of Arkansas have discovered that though straight women have sex more often, bisexual and lesbian women have more orgasms – by far.

The study, which had 2,300 respondents, found that women were 33 percent more likely to orgasm when they were having sex with another woman.

Women who have sex with women orgasm way more (Pexels)

Another piece of research has discovered that men can experience feelings of sadness, irritability or other negative feelings after sex.

The study, led by the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, found some men suffer from postcoital dysphoria, a term used to describe feelings of tearfulness, anxiety and agitation after intercourse.

Researchers analysed the responses of more than 1,200 men to an online survey, which asked them if they had ever experienced symptoms of PCD following satisfactory, consensual sex.

The results showed that 41 percent of men had experienced PCD in their lifetime, while 20 percent reported suffering from it in the previous four weeks.