Lesbians, here’s the best way to get through Storm Ali and Hurricane Florence—cats (and dogs) in raincoats

One lesbian in Florida has found a great way to keep up morale during Hurricane Florence—and, in the UK, Storm Ali—by posting photos of cats in raincoats.

The catastrophic hurricane is currently sweeping through the East Coast of America and has hit states including North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. It’s caused devastating flooding and has so far claimed the lives of 23 people.

Storm Ali, meanwhile, is lashing parts of Britain, leaving thousands of homes without power and killing two people.

Other social media users have posted photos of their own cats wearing waterproof jackets. (johnwilmeswords/Twitter)

But, Kristen Arnett, a lesbian writer and librarian, has gone on social media, seemingly in an effort to lift people’s spirits.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday (September 18), Arnett posted four images of adorable cats wearing raincoats (pictured at the top of this article), adding the caption: “Maybe you’d like to see cats in raincoats today.”

Although it’s not clear if Arnett’s post is a direct response to the bad weather, it’s certainly struck a chord with Twitter users.

Her post has so far been liked more than 10,000 times and re-tweeted by more than 3,000 people.

Arnett asked her followers to join her in posting images of their fluffy animals in rain-proof garments. (niiicolee_x/Twitter)

In a later tweet, Arnett asked her 22,000 followers to upload images of their own pets donning waterproof clothing.

“Please take this opportunity to send pix of your pets in raincoats thanks very much,” she wrote.

A number of Twitter users posted images of their sausage dogs in macs. (atethoseplums/Twitter)

And, social media users did not disappoint.

One person, posting a photo of their sausage dog in a raincoat, wrote: “Otto reporting for duty.”

Another uploaded a photo of their dog in a mac, adding the caption: “Here is my dog, hating it.”

And another person simply said: “This is the best thing that will happen to me today.”