Hitler had ‘homosexual streak’ according to secret CIA files

Adolf Hitler had a “homosexual streak” according to secret CIA files which detail his personality and interests.

The 70-page report was compiled in 1942 and was sent from Dr Henry Field, a top aide for US President Franklin D Roosevelt to Major John McDonough.

The declassified file marked “top secret” were compiled by the Office of Strategic Services, an intelligence agency of the US during World War II.

The document, which provided a profile of Hitler for US officials, reads: “Since I am partly responsible for the security involved. I must call attention to the special maintenance of secrecy.”

Adolf Hitler

The document outlines Hitler’s personality and interests

Describing his sexuality, the file states: “His sex life is dual as is his political outlook. He is both homosexual and heterosexual.”

It goes on: “Information reaching me from time to time compelled me to regard Hitler as a sadomasochistic type of man with possibly even a homosexual streak in him.”

“The Men’s Hostel called “Maennerheim Brigittenau” in Vienna had, Dr. Sedgwick believes, the reputation of being a place where elderly men went in search of young men for homosexual pleasures,” the file reads.

“It is probable that these types of old roues and young gigolos became familiar to the young Adolf at this time which would account for his relative lack of genuine disgust with them up to the present time.”

Adolf Hitler, German dictator, ascending the steps at Buckeberg flanked by banner-carrying storm troopers who display the Nazi swastika. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The file was compiled by the Office of Strategic Services (Getty)

The document also claims Hitler had a sexual attraction to his fellow Nazi leader Rudolf Hess, his deputy Fuhrer, who was captured in 1941.

Hess is described by the documents as being known as “Fraeulein Anna” by other party members because he attended balls dressed as a woman.

“During [Hitler’s imprisonment] this period of isolation and sexual privation an affinity with Hess began to crystallise which to my mind might have possibly bordered on the sexual,” the document reads.

The Nazi regime persecuted homosexuals, sending up to 15,000 to concentration camps.

Hitler’s sexuality has long been subject to debate with several historians claiming the dictator was gay.

Despite this, Hitler is known to have had a relationship with Eva Braun. The pair were married for less than 40 hours until they both died by suicide.