British secret agents tried to stop World War II by ‘turning Hitler into a woman’

Adolf Hitler

Allied forces hatched a surreal plan to stop World War II by turning Adolf Hitler into a woman.

The extraordinary revelation comes from formerly top-secret files, more than 70 years on from the death of the German dictator.

Cardiff University Professor Brian Ford came across the plot in unsealed files while researching book Secret Weapons: Technology, Science, And The Race To Win World War II.

He discovered that secret agents drew up and seriously considered a plan to discredit Hitler by drugging his food with Estrogen, “feminizing” him and supposedly turning him female. Poison may have been detected by food tasters, but the plotters theorised that adding hormones to his meals was “entirely possible” due to their slow-acting effects.

They theorised that dosing him with hormones would make the leader less aggressive, as well as humiliating him by altering his appearance.

Speaking on Netflix’s White Rabbit Project, Professor Ford explained: “The Americans put it rather well. They said, ‘take away his moustache and give him breasts’.

“This was actually considered… in the 1930s, it was believed chemicals in the body controlled everything so it seemed fairly logical.

“Give it to Hitler and he’ll stop being an aggressive man and turn into a gentle and mild-mannered woman. Instead of going to war he might just turn his back on the whole idea.

“The whole idea from the top to bottom was just silly.

“If it would have had any effect at all, it would have been to upset his hormone balance – and that could have made him far more angry, not less.”

Side-effects of the drugs may have included nausea, headaches and the loss of sex drive – as well as the growth of breasts.

Despite coming under serious consideration, the plan did not get off the ground.