Amazon seller removes ‘transphobic’ Caitlyn Jenner halloween costume after backlash

The company behind a ‘transphobic’ Halloween costume, which mocked Caitlyn Jenner, has taken it off the shelves after it was criticised by trans rights groups.

The outfit, which had been sold on Amazon as of Wednesday morning (October 24), showed a bearded person wearing Jenner’s Olympic number and a brunette wig, red vest and blue shorts.

The £26 costume, stocked by Costume Agent, was listed on Amazon as: “Bruce Caitlyn Jenner Olympian I Am Cait Adult Costume,” while the product description stated: “Show your love for Caitlyn Jenner with this awesome adult costume!”

Stonewall condemned the sale of the costume. (Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

A spokesperson from Costume Agent told PinkNews: “The Costume Agent team has removed the Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume effective immediately.

“We heard the concerns of those who were offended and the costume is no longer available on the site.”

The item is no longer listed on Amazon.

Commenting on the costume, Jane Hamlin, president of The Beaumont Society, a transgender support group, previously told PinkNews: “I am astonished that a transphobic costume mocking Caitlyn Jenner is being marketed in the way it is. It is completely tasteless.

“The transgender community has been getting quite a battering in the media recently because we would like to have autonomy over our own identities. We have become accustomed to insensitive mockery, but had hoped that cisgender people had become tired of such stunts and realised that it is not funny.

“No-one chooses to be trans. It is the way we are born, it is who we are.”

Hamlin added: “I am disappointed that anyone would want to sell this, and hope that no-one will want to buy it.”

A Stonewall spokesperson told PinkNews that the outfit was “a reminder of how much is left to do to combat the abuse trans people face every day.”

Jenner is a trans rights advocate. (Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

Jenner recently added her voice to the growing protest against a leaked memo from the Trump administration, which revealed proposals to effectively erase trans people.

The Department of Health and Human Services’ document argues for the definition of sex to be re-defined to be strictly male or female, determined by “immutable biological traits” or genetic testing.

Jenner uploaded an image on her Twitter and Instagram pages, which repeatedly states the phrase “trans people won’t be erased,” tagging the US president.

Jenner openly supports the Republican party, despite its poor record on trans rights. In August, she told Variety: “I’ve always been on the Republican side. I think it’s a good thing, because I’ve got an in. Has this administration set us backwards? Absolutely.”