Gay Trump supporter quits social media after racist rant caught on video

A gay Trump fan has reportedly quit social media after his racist and misogynistic rant at a Hispanic woman was caught on video.

In the video, which has since gone viral, the man can be seen hurling abuse at a woman from his car at a red light in Houston, Texas.

The woman, Janet Espejel, was driving with her child to the early voting polls when the man drove up beside her, reports Queerty.

Watch the video below: 

“You’re driving in two lanes, you stupid b*tch!” the man shouts in the video. “That’s not how we drive in America. Trump’s deporting your stupid cousins today, b*tch!”

He adds: “You’re ugly, you need a gay friend to help you with makeup and clothes!”

Social media users have identified the man as Charles Geier, a 58-year old gay Trump supporter, reports Queerty.

Geier has since appeared to delete his Facebook page after the video went viral.

“First off #CharlesGeier, would think a gay man might have more tolerance towards others in a minority,” one person wrote on Twitter. “I’m sure you have had your share of name calling, and I’m sorry you are bitter, but passing that bitterness on is unexcuseable. Second, try using a signal to cut across lanes.”

Another person said: “Be gone #CharlesGeier. The LGBT community doesn’t like you and we sure as hell don’t accept you, B*TCH!”

Social media users have criticised the man in the video. (HTalker54/Twitter)

One person wrote: “The #lgbt community is a community of #love not hate! Oh and gurl friend, please learn to drive right before you critique others driving! Your car at 10 secs does not look to well driven!”

And one Twitter user posted: “#CharlesGeier needs to not be gay. We don’t want him.”

The viral video was first posted online by Twitter user Santiago Mayer.

“Can we make this pleasure of a guy famous? Twitter is good at taking down racists. Took place in Houston,” Mayer wrote.

Mayer said the video was recorded by his mum’s friend.

The Twitter user’s video has been re-tweeted more than 3,000 times and “liked” by more than 2,500 people.

“I am so very, very sorry this happened to you and your daughter,” one person commented below Mayer’s post.

“There are more of US than there are of them! #VOTE them OUT! Bring civility and unity back!”

Another said: “I’m so sorry that happened to you and your child. This is definitely not the America I represent.”