White gay man launches into explosive, racist rant before assaulting an innocent bystander in vile viral video

Startling footage showed Dustin Gold hurl racist slurs in New York City. (Screen captures via Twitter)

A gay man launched into a thorny rant against a sanitation worker, hurling racist slurs at them before physically attacking a pedestrian for capturing the exchange on his mobile phone.

In the footage, taken by a passerby and later shared by city council candidate Anthony Beckford on Twitter, it showed the motorist trade verbal barbs with a pedestrian, He then physically assaulted them for recording the altercation on their mobile.

During the inflamed exchange, the motorist hurled the N-word at the man from inside his vehicle. Stepping out of his car, the man grabbed the pedestrian’s phone and lobbed it across the street.

Although, a second passerby was also recording the dust-up from afar, appearing to share it with Beckford, the president of Black Lives Matter Brooklyn.

On Tuesday (21 July), Beckford claimed to have identified the man as Justin O’Brian, an adult film star whose on-screen name is Dustin Gold.

Gay man hurls the N-word at sanitation worker before hurling someone’s phone for recording his racist rant. 

“Racist on the Upper East Side,” he tweeted.

“Find out who this racist person is and let us hold them accountable. This and any other act of racism will NOT be tolerated.”

“Hey yo,” the motorist shouted, reportedly at a sanitation worker whose car was parked in the road.

“It’d be smart to get out of the middle of the street a**hole!” he shouted after getting out of his car. “F**king n****r.”

Back in his car, the motorist then noticed a pedestrian filming him on his phone. “Are you recording me? he asked. “Why?”

“‘Cause you’re an a**hole,” the man recording hit back.

“I’m an a**hole?” the motorist rebutted. “Honey, look in the mirror, okay? The only person that’s an a**hole is you for recording me.”

The pedestrian responded: “Oh, so you’re fierce?”

“I know I am, thank you,” the motorist said. “Are you gay too? No you’re not?

“Well, you look like it. Do you want to keep recording me having fun? What are you gonna do with this recording, tell me.”

The pedestrian then explained he will upload the footage online, which the motorist dismissed: “Oh, OK, bye-bye,” he said.

However, the pedestrian stood his ground, the footage showed, leading to the motorist threatening to “beat the s**t out” of him.

The motorist then leapt out of his vehicle, assaulted the man and then hurled the phone across the street.

Eagle-eyed Twitter users were quick to clock that the motorist’s licence plate is from Connecticut.