Girl wearing Thor costume gets called a lesbian—her dad masterfully takes down the homophobic troll

Lily (R) dressed as Thor while her sister Maya went for Brave's Merida.

The father of a girl who dressed up as her favourite superhero for Halloween has taught a homophobic troll a lesson in civility and parenthood.

Reddit user Jonesy27 posted a picture of his youngest daughter Lily on Tuesday (October 30) wearing Marvel’s Nordic God-superhero Thor‘s costume, complete with his famous Mjölnir hammer.

The girl looked mighty and happy—yet one Reddit user still dared to speak foul of her. “This is how you create a lesbian. Better counteract now,” the anonymous poster wrote in a since-deleted comment quoted on the website

Her dad struck down the vitriolic commenter with the power of words. “So you think there is something wrong if my daughter was to grow up to be lesbian?” he reacted.

“As her father all I want for my daughter is for her to grow up, be happy and be healthy, if she grows up to be gay and that makes her happy so be it,” the father continued.

“You really need to take a look in the mirror and think do you want to be that person who try’s [sic] to somehow in your twisted way insult a 6-year-old who is clearly happy dressed as her favourite superhero?”


The exchange appeared to continue, with the user posting another since-deleted comment, to which the Lily’s father replied: “You’re not a man, you’re a coward, a troll hiding behind your keyboard, a coward and a bigot, you will walk through life loveless and miserable, I won’t bite to your bile, go back under your bridge troll.”

The anonymous troll should have known better than attacking a little girl for dressing up as Thor, since Marvel actually reintroduced the character as a “female hero” in a new series announced in 2014.

Series writer Jason Aaron said at the time: “This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR. This is the THOR of the Marvel Universe. But it’s unlike any Thor we’ve ever seen before.”

Thor was reintroduced as a woman in 2014. (

Nordic God Thor was reintroduced as a woman in 2014. (Marvel)

On the big screen, the character is still played by actor Chris Hemsworth—but even as a male incarnation, the god of thunder has been hailed as a “feminist and lesbian” icon. 

Most responses to the girl’s picture were positive and remarked on how happy she looked. Her father explained she “loves dressing up,” particularly as Thor and Spiderman, her favourite superheroes.

“Lily has been a massive Thor and Spider-Man fan since she could talk and walk,” he tells PinkNews.

“She is very excited for the Captain Marvel movie and I’m pretty sure that will be another outfit for her,” he adds.

Her sister Maya also shared her passion for superhero costumes, once dressing up as Batman to Lily’s Spiderman.

Maya dressed up as Batman while Lily put on a Spiderman costume.

Maya dressed up as Batman while Lily put on a Spiderman costume. (Courtesy of Peter Jones)

One Reddit user OneTrueRuler was particularly touched by the picture, reflecting on how she would have also liked to dress up as male superheroes when younger, but felt too self-conscious about gender norms to do it.

“As a teen I had a lot of male superhero role models. I always wanted to be them, but I never dared dress up as them because I’m female and thought people would judge me,” she wrote.

“Now I do it anyway, and it’s a lot of fun (and the cosplay community is accepting and very diverse.) So thank you for encouraging/supporting her to do this. 🙂 I wish my parents had been like that.”

The girl’s father gave another great response to this comment, writing: “To be honest I don’t even see it as a girl dressing up as a boy, I just see my daughter really happy, having fun dressed up as Thor, I’m glad you feel comfortable dressing as your heroes now.”

This story was updated with comments received after publication.