Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Gellar takes her 5-year-old son to get his nails done

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Into every generation a slayer is born: a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the gender stereotypes, the haters, and the forces of darkness.

She is, of course, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star took to social media to share her trip to get manicures with her son.

The 40-year-old, who has two kids with husband Freddie Prinze Jr, brought 5-year-old Rocky with her when she was getting her nails done.

Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Gellar takes her 5-year-old son to get his nails done

She shared the pics on her Instagram Story, showing the mother-and-son’s set of matching sparkly black nails – while Rocky’s sister, Charlotte, opted for the blue.

The actress wrote: “We Match!”

Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Gellar takes her 5-year-old son to get his nails done

The inclusive parenting won praise from her fans.

One wrote: “I literally would have killed for this as a child.”

Another added: “Sarah Michelle Gellar lets her son get his nails painted. If she isn’t mom goals, and an example of good parenting… Then, I don’t know what is.”

Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Gellar takes her 5-year-old son to get his nails done

Nearly all the reaction was positive – presumably because, like vampires, bigots know that they really don’t want to mess with the Slayer.

A number of celebrities have spoken up about gender-inclusive parenting previously.

Gay icon Adele previously let her young son dress as Anna from Frozen on a trip to Disneyland.


Though the singer keeps her son out the spotlight, she has been very vocal about her inclusive approach to parenting, explaining: “I can’t wait to know who his best friends are going to be, who his girlfriend or his boyfriend is going to be… whatever my kid wants to do or be I will always support him no matter what”.

Ray Donovan star Liev Schreiber also stuck up for his son, taking him to Comic-Con dressed as Batman villain Harley Quinn.

And Will Smith has spoken out to defend his genderfluid son Jaden after online trolling.

He said: “I don’t give parenting advice per se, because it’s such a unique task. The greatest human task is to render a human being into the world.

“What I do with my children, that I feel that the greatest gift that I can give my children is the freedom to be who they are.”

“Jada and I are very serious about finding what they are, and encouraging them to be what they are because you can never be happy being what you’re not.”

“Jaden is 100 percent fearless. He will do anything. As a parent it’s scary – it’s really terrifying, but he is completely willing to live and die by his own artistic decisions and he doesn’t concern himself with what people think.”

A 9-year-old previously received horrific abuse online for dressing as Disney villain Cruella De Vil.

9-year-old Liam, who has a passion for costuming and dressing up, chose to dress up as the 101 Dalmatians villain for Halloween.

Liam’s dad Will shared his son’s costume on Facebook – only to get negative messages from “concerned” friends.

Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Gellar takes her 5-year-old son to get his nails done

One friend wrote: “I must say completely inappropriate, and I can’t believe a parent would ever do that to their child! Sorry if I offend you or your friends but I think it’s wrong!!!”

Will replied: “We deal with this type of small minded person on a daily basis. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I will always support and encourage my kids creativity happily and without apology.”

The father added that his son doesn’t identify as transgender or gay, and just likes dressing up.


He told the website: “It seems like he is more interested in the creative process and the eccentricity of the outfit rather than the dressing or impersonating a female, although if that was what he wanted to do I would still support him.


“It’s very typical for people to assume that because he has two dads, that we somehow guided him in this direction. That is simply not the case.

“We have had to discuss the fact that he may be met with adverse reactions when wearing this type of outfit to school on Halloween and even out on the evening trick-or-treating.

“Fortunately, he has a great school and very good friends that didn’t give him a hard time.

“I am not asking for applause or acceptance from other parents. I fully understand many probably have an issue with this, but I am perplexed by other parents criticism.”