After losing job, Kim Davis is becoming an evangelical preacher

Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk in Kentucky

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis is planning to enter the ministry as an evangelical preacher, after being booted out of office by voters.

The clerk for Rowan County, Kentucky, lost her re-election bid last Tuesday (November 6), three years after she became an international name by refusing to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples.

The thrice-divorced Davis is now planning to pursue a future in Christianity and become an evangelical preacher, according to her lawyer Mat Staver, of anti-LGBT law firm Liberty Counsel.

In an interview with Christian radio show Crosstalk on November 8, Staver said: “I think what she’s going to do and where she’s been wanting to go, is into some form of ministry… that’s where the Lord is leading her this time.”

Kim Davis and her fourth husband

Kim Davis and her fourth husband (Getty)

He also claimed that Davis lost the election battle because she chose not to campaign.

Davis received 3,566 votes in the clerk election, losing out to Elwood Caudill Jr. with 4,210 votes.

The clerk first won election in 2014 on the Democratic ticket, but switched her affiliation to the Republican Party for 2018’s vote after the controversy around her role.

Staver claimed that the Caudill Jr “doesn’t have a clue about how to run the clerk’s office,” adding: “It’s a lot more than just issuing marriage licences.”

He said: “Kim did not campaign, interestingly. Kim just focused on doing her job. She ran a very unconventional campaign.”

Staver added: “She didn’t do official fundraisers, she didn’t go out and beat the bushes, and she did that because she’s somebody who’s not your typical politician.

“She spent her waking hours really working on her job. She wants to do the job and she does it well.”

Kim Davis with Mat Staver

Kim Davis with Mat Staver (Getty)

Where is Kim Davis now?

Despite the claim that Kim Davis is singularly dedicated to the job, the clerk has spent plenty of time away from Rowan County over the past three years, appearing as a speaker alongside representatives of listed anti-LGBT hate groups at evangelical events.

In 2017, Davis headed to Romania to support a proposed ban on same-sex marriage.

Davis met with high-ranking officials in the Orthodox Church and met with lawmakers who oppose LGBT rights in a bid to support their cause.

She also met with the Pope in 2015.

Kim Davis

Kim Davis, who plans on becoming an evangelical preacher (Getty)

The Vatican sought to play down the significance of the clerk’s meeting with Pope Francis, insisting it amounted to little more than a standard meet-and-greet and was not meant to be seen as an endorsement of her actions.

However, the archbishop who arranged the meeting later claimed that the Pope was actually briefed about who Davis was ahead of the meeting, accusing the Vatican of dishonesty.

The Kentucky clerk also published a memoir, with the help of two ghostwriters.

In the book, Davis recounted coming up against “fist pounding” gay men demanding the right to get married in the clerk’s office.