Gay menswear company reveal the colours most popular with gay men

the colours that gay men love to wear

The colours we choose to wear can reveal a lot about how we’re feeling or how we want others to perceive us.

According to colour psychology, our age, gender, culture, and mood are all reasons we might choose to wear a black blazer to a funeral or gift yellow clothing for a baby shower. But, what about sexual orientation?

There’s still little known about how a person’s sexual orientation can affect colour preference—if at all.

However, according to data released by, the USA’s leading online gay menswear store, gay men have a preference for certain colours.

After analysing sales records and product inventory, Differio compiled a list of the colours most popular among its gay customer base.

From vivid-coloured Pride outfits to trending shades of men’s streetwear, these are the top five clothing colors that gay men purchase most, ranked by popularity…


If you’re familiar with colour theory, you might not be surprised that red ranks as the most popular gay clothing colour.

Differio found that men were most likely to buy red gay underwear, t-shirts, and slim-fit trousers.

Psychology professor Noam Shpancer, Ph.D, explained in Psychology Today that, “the colour itself may have become over evolutionary time a proxy signal for reproductive potential.”

Adding that sexual excitement among humans is, “often associated with red in the body’s erogenous zones,” such as blushing or climaxing.

Besides symbolising sexual energy and power, it also fittingly represents life on the Pride flag. Ultimately, it might just be human nature to feel drawn towards red.


While black may seem drab to some, it is often associated with sexiness, intelligence and confidence.
According to a colour survey reported by the Independent, black ranked the highest when participants were asked what the best colour was to wear on a first date, to job interviews and at weddings.

It’s fair to say opting for black is the tamer option compared to a rainbow utility kilt or Pride graphic tee.

Some of the top-selling black clothing items included jacket blazers, leather jackets, ripped jeans, and underwear.


Metallic may be considered more of a sheen than a colour, but it seems metallic clothing is a hit among gay men — especially silver and gold.

According to Differio, metallics are most popular when it comes to gay underwear and swimwear, such boxer shorts, briefs and swim shorts.

Adding a pop of silver or gold to your wardrobe, “allows you to inject charisma into a look when your rotation of more subdued basics becomes relentlessly practical,” according to The Wall Street Journal’s fashion editor, Renata Mosci.


Although Pantone deemed Ultra Violet as the colour of the year, purple has been a top selling shade for gay men for a long time, according to Differio.

Differio reported that trousers are its best-selling purple clothing — even outselling green and pink trousers.

Purple may not be the most versatile sartorial shade, but it definitely adds a feeling of brightness and spirit to any wardrobe.

There’s actually a form of mood-boosting fashion called “dopamine dressing” where people are drawn to clothing colours that make them feel happier.

Aside from its significance on the Pride flag, perhaps this is another reason why gay men feel drawn to purple clothing for its uplifting attitude.


From blue skinny jeans to dark denim shirts, blue is also a popular clothing colour for gay customers.

When it comes to blue, customers are most likely to opt for jeans — no wonder it’s so popular. Who doesn’t wear jeans?

A sociology survey released by the University of Maryland revealed that blue ranked as the most popular colour among both men and women.

The theory behind this is that blue is perceived as calming, trustworthy, and open-minded, which is why it’s commonly worn during political elections and used in marketing slogans.