Teen assaulted and left to die for being a ‘greedy bisexual’

A teenager sits with their face covered by a black hoodie

A bisexual teenager has been assaulted, called a “greedy bisexual” and left for dead in a vicious attack in Nuneaton.

The attackers, who like the victim cannot be named, were spared jail time after pleading guilty to committing assault, and were instead handed referral orders and an order to pay compensation, according to CoventryLive.

Speaking out after the end of legal proceedings, the victim’s mum emotionally explained how her son was left with physical and mental scars by the beating in the central England town, saying that the perpetrators “both practically got away with it.”

A man stands in the dark in front of a window

The schoolboy was traumatised by the attack (Pexels)

Bisexual teenager ‘attacked because of his sexuality’

The mother said that her son had been out with friends all day when “they were approached by one of [the two attackers], who said: ‘What you hanging round with him for, you do know he is bi.’

“Then another said: ‘Is this right?’ and attacked him.

“Another of them said: ‘I can’t believe you hit him because he is gay,’ but one of them said: ‘I haven’t got a problem with gay people, but I have got a problem with greedy bis like him.'”

“If you give our names to the police, we will find you and kill you”

— The bisexual teenager’s attackers

After knocking the schoolboy to the ground, she said that the teenagers “kicked him on the floor, dragged him into a wooded area and attacked him again.”

A teenager holds their head in their hands on a bench

The bisexual teenager’s attackers threatened him to keep their identities secret (Pexels)

They then told the bisexual teenager to report his attackers as being “three lads in balaclavas,” she said, adding he had been warned: “If you give our names to the police, we will find you and kill you.”

When he arrived home, his mother said she “didn’t even recognise him. You could see a trainer mark on his face. I went into shock, I wanted to cry but I couldn’t.”

The schoolboy initially stuck to this story, she said, before revealing the truth once they arrived at the hospital.

Attack traumatised bisexual teenager

A child with his head in his arms

The schoolboy’s family has had to move out of Nuneaton (Pexels)

But despite the scars healing, the child has been plagued by nightmares and psychologically affected to the extent that his family has moved out of Nuneaton.

His mother said that she had “found him huddled with his hands over his head,” and that for months after the attack, the schoolboy “became a recluse” and wouldn’t leave their Nuneaton home.

The move has made the bisexual teenager “a lot happier” and led to him going out again, his mum said, but she admitted: “I don’t know if he will ever be back to what he was.”

By getting his story out there, she explained that “he just wants to stop any other kids going through what he has been through” by urging that attackers like his to be punished more severely.