Christian radio host compares homosexuality to ‘airborne infection’

Linda Harvey of Mission America

Christian radio host Linda Harvey is very upset about a gay kiss on TV.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday (November 22) featured a same-sex kiss during a performance from the stars of lesbian-themed Broadway musical The Prom, prompting a wave of reactions from viewers across the US.

The moment did not go down well with Linda Harvey, the host of fringe evangelical radio show Mission America.

In a column for anti-LGBT LifeSiteNews, Harvey complained that “the incessant homosexual agenda was thrust into America’s face” during the parade.

Christian radio host Linda Harvey

Christian radio host Linda Harvey.

She wrote: “Of course, possibly millions of American children are watching, and the producers of the parade and the program know this.

“This offence, this corruption is deliberate as the procession toward normalising decadence marches on.”

She added: “This agenda is like an airborne infection that’s suddenly everywhere. From ‘LGBT’ affirming church youth groups, to ‘gay’-affirming anti-bullying school lessons, to rainbow ‘pride’ apparel sold at Target and Walmart during the spring and summer, to the obligatory pro-homosexual article in the daily newspaper, to disturbed transvestites reading to preschoolers in libraries.”

Christian radio host Linda Harvey also thinks God makes kids gay because of abortions

This is the latest in Harvey’s bizarre claims about the origins of homosexuality.

Harvey previously claimed God makes children gay as a “punishment” for all the abortions in the world.

In March, she claimed: “You may have thought [abortion and homosexuality] were separate issues, but they are foundationally connected.

Linda Harvey

Christian radio host Linda Harvey

“One has to consider, first of all, the horrifying possibility that this complete sexual and human identity meltdown could be an aspect of God’s judgment on us for aborting millions of our children.

“We won’t know until we see him, but it is very possible that as an instrument of God’s judgment, he is using the punishment to come on us through our children, the corruption of our children.

“Even more horrifying, we are letting it happen.”

Camping also makes kids gay, Linda Harvey claims

Harvey has also warned against leaving boys alone together in a “same-sex” environment like sleepovers or summer camp, because it “encourages” gay sex.

The radio host took to the airwaves to warn about the dangers of putting children in a “same-sex environment,” cautioning parents about letting their kids attend sleepovers.

On her website, Harvey warns: “If you promote sexual behavior to impressionable kids, more teens – especially those with fewer moral bearings—will say, ‘Why not?’

“In same sex circles, homosexual hook-ups can become a daring adventure at camp-outs and sleepovers.

“Opportunity is everywhere that students of the same sex gather or socialize, and it’s one reason homosexuality has traditionally been taboo at schools, camps, and youth organizations.”