Utah man ‘drove ice pick through housemate’s penis’

Mugshot of Jason Dee Maughn, who has been charged with aggravated sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping

A man in Utah allegedly hammered an ice pick-like tool through the penis of a man who lived with him.

Jason Dee Maughn, 45, was arrested on Monday (November 3) after holding his unnamed housemate at gunpoint and telling him he “could either be taken to the desert and killed or Maughn would drive a nail into” his genitals, according to charging documents cited by The Deseret News.

“Maughn stated if the man fought, he would shoot him.”

The victim, who was allegedly handcuffed to the armrests of a chair while he had a shotgun aimed at him, “chose to have the nail” during the incident on August 30.

Alleged penis attack ‘was domestic violence’

The documents, which categorise the alleged attack as domestic violence, indicate that Maughn then placed a two-by-four under his housemate before driving “a tool resembling an ice pick” through him and into the plank of wood with a “rusty hammer.”

It adds that “Maughn stated if (the man) fought, he would shoot him.”

After the alleged attack in Salt Lake County, Maughn reportedly took off the victim’s handcuffs, allowed him to get a bandage for his penis, and then ordered him to leave. He went to hospital the next morning.

A photo of a tool like the one which Jason Dee Maughn allegedly used to attack his housemate's penis

Jason Dee Maughn allegedly hammered a tool similar to this through his victim’s penis (Joe Haupt/flickr)

Police have said the dispute between the two men started because Maughn believed his housemate had assaulted a woman, which officers have not been able verify. The court documents did not clarify the exact nature of their relationship.

A $250,000 warrant for Maughn’s arrest was issued in September, when he was charged with aggravated sexual assault, aggravated kidnapping, mayhem and aggravated assault.

He was arrested on November 18 in Riverside, California, where he was believed to be staying at a relative’s house.

Maughn is due to make a court appearance in Salt Lake City on Wednesday (November 5), according to Associated Press.

Utah lost anti-gay representative last month

Last month, Utah Republican Representative Mia Love conceded defeat in her re-election battle after repeatedly targeting her opponent’s pro-gay views before the November 6 midterm elections.

Love, who had represented Utah’s 4th district in the US House of Representatives since 2015, ceded to Democratic Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams after several weeks of counting established that just 694 votes separated the pair, out of the 269,000 cast in the race.

In the campaign, Love lashed out at her opponent’s “East Coast liberal values” and hit out at him for “championing gay marriage.”

In messages to supporters, she referred to her opponent as “Moderate McAdams, who says he was ‘pleased’ with the Supreme Court legalising same-sex marriage.”

The comments were dismissed by LGBT+ activists as a brazen attempt to appeal to hardline conservatives in Utah, the home of the Mormon Church.