Trans boy ‘bullied in school bathroom by assistant principal’

Boy holds his head in his hands as he sits on a bench

An assistant principal bullied a trans boy and challenged him to prove his gender by using a urinal, according to a complaint filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The student at Liberty High School in West Virginia was using a stall on November 27 when he was allegedly confronted by the senior staff member, Wave 3 News has reported.

“When he came out of the stall, the principal was essentially blocking him in so he could not leave.”

— ACLU West Virginia executive director Joseph Cohen

ACLU West Virginia executive director Joseph Cohen said: “He misgendered him, at one point challenged him to come out and use a urinal, essentially to prove that he was a boy.

“When he came out of the stall, the principal was standing in front of the exit, essentially blocking him in so he could not leave.”

Trans boy suffers panic attack after incident

The trans boy has reportedly returned to the school in Clarksburg, in the north of the state, but is suffering from anxiety and has experienced at least one panic attack since the bathroom incident.

The ACLU has sent a letter of complaint to the Harrison County Board of Education, in which it is also alleged that the trans boy was deliberately misgendered at school.

Cohen called on the school and the state to better address trans issues, saying: “More than 50 percent of male trans teens attempt suicide.

A row of urinals in a bathroom

The trans boy was allegedly challenged to use a urinal to prove he was a boy (Pexels)

“This really is a life or death issue and it’s time that West Virginia schools take LGBTQ issues seriously.”

Superintendent Mark Manchin said that due process was needed, but added: “The preliminary information that I have received is perhaps, it does appear from what I’ve been able to confirm that our employee did not act in an appropriate manner, and was not sensitive to the needs of one of our students.”

Manchin continued: “Everybody has certain rights and also responsibilities, and we certainly take this very, very seriously to ensure all of our children are treated fairly and equitably.”

The assistant principal has not been disciplined by the high school, according to the ACLU.

Trans girl allegedly harassed in bathroom

Last month, a trans girl at Osseo Senior High School in Maple Grove, Minnesota, posted a horrifying video which appeared to show staff breaking into a women’s bathroom stall while she was using the toilet.

In the clip, the student is on the toilet with her trousers down while several adults attempt to force their way into the locked stall.

One person can be seen peering over the top of the stall, before a stick is used to unlatch the lock on the stall door, which swings wide open in full view of several male and female staff members.

The student tells viewers: “I’m using the bathroom right now and they just violated me. They’re some perverts.”