Ruby Rose’s lesbian Batwoman gets a pilot and fans are ecstatic

Ruby Rose as Batwoman in The CW's Arrowverse 2018 crossover episode

The CW network has ordered a pilot for Batwoman, which stars Ruby Rose as the first live-action lesbian superhero to lead a TV show.

The network will order a full series if the pilot, which could premiere as early as autumn this year, goes down well, reported TVLine on January 3.

This decision came after the Australian Orange is the New Black actress made a successful debut as Kate Kane in December’s CW “Elseworlds” crossover event.

The Batwoman pilot will be overseen by The Flash and Arrow director David Nutter, who is also famous for his work on Game of Thrones, including directing the infamous Red Wedding scene.

This could be good news for anyone who wants the lesbian superhero show to succeed, as 19 of Nutter’s 21 pilots have been picked up by networks.

Fans of Ruby Rose and Batwoman were delighted

Many welcomed the pilot news, with one person writing: “ruby rose….batwoman…. GAYS EATING GOOD IN 2019.”

Another fan said: “YASSS BITCCH IM SO HYPPEEE!”

Ruby Rose as Batwoman in a promotional shot for The CW

The series will start in autumn 2019, if it’s green-lit after the pilot (The CW)

Other queer viewers tweeted that the show’s success spoke to them personally.

“Real representation matters! So excited to have a community represented! Yay CW!” wrote one tweeter.

And another said: “Oh damn. I’m a season behind on Arrowverse but now I want to catch up for #Batwoman #lgbt .”

Others queer viewers were less enthusiastic about Ruby Rose’s Batwoman

Some LGBT TV fans, however, greeted the news with despair and anger.

A common worry was that if the show went badly, it would be used as evidence to justify a lack of queer representation in the future.

“When this inevitably flops networks will use it as an example of why they shouldn’t make a series or movie focused on an LGBT character”

— @shipperofstuff

One tweeter with this concern wrote: “Oh no, I was so hoping that this wouldn’t happen.

“Now when this inevitably flops networks will use it as an example of why they shouldn’t make a series or movie focused on an LGBT character.”

Others were pessimistic about how The CW—which screens numerous shows with queer characters, including Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow—will treat Batwoman.

A commenter wrote: “Please tell me Batwoman’s first season arc isn’t going to involve homophobia, dead exes and more grimdark queer storylines because Gotham City is bad news.

“There’s no LGBT positivity to come from this series. There’s visibility, but it’s going to be another depressing narrative.”

Another said: “THE CW LITERALLY HATES LESBIANS AND TREATS THEM LIKE S**T,” while a different user tweeted: “Lol is there anything more CW than ordering a show about a lesbian and then having it directed by a man?

“A man who worked on GoT no less? Starring Ruby Rose? ‍♀️ that show sounds worse and worse.”