Ana Brnabic: Who is Serbian PM’s gay partner Milica Djurdjic?

Serbian PM Ana Brnabic whose gay partner Milica Djurdjic has given birth to a baby boy

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic’s same-sex partner Milica Djurdjic has given birth to a baby boy reportedly named Igor.

Brnabic, 43, became Serbia’s first female and first openly gay prime minister when she assumed office on June 29, 2017.

Her appointment seemed unlikely as same-sex marriage remains constitutionally prohibited in Serbia and homophobia is common.

Nonetheless, the openly lesbian Serbian PM is in a same-sex relationship.

Ana Brnabic

Ana Brnabic (Getty)

She met her partner Djurdjic at a gay bar in the country’s capital, Belgrade.

A statement revealed that the delivery went well on Wednesday (February 20), saying that birth mother, Djurdjic, and baby are “doing fine.”

According to the AFP agency, her office said: “Ana Brnabic is one of the first prime ministers whose partner has given birth while in office… and the first in the world in a same-sex couple.”

Who is Milica Djurdjic? How did she become pregnant?

Milica Djurdjic is the same-sex partner of Serbian PM Ana Brnabic.

She works as a doctor and got pregnant through artificial insemination.

Neither same-sex marriage nor gay civil partnerships are recognised in Serbia, which means same-sex couples are not allowed to adopt children.

However, a single person can adopt a child by themselves regardless of their sexuality.

Serbia’s LGBT community not pleased with Ana Brnabic

In 2018, members of Serbia’s LGBT+ community said that the country’s prime minister was not welcome at their annual Gay Pride parade because of a lack of progress on LGBT+ issues.

Some of those activists launched a campaign, called “Say No,” with the goal being to prevent politicians from attending pride marches due to the lack of progression.

Ana Brnabic


Brnabic was the focus of that campaign, as the group behind it said her “work on strengthening LGBT rights has been disappointing.”

The out prime minister previously explained her reasons for not focusing on LGBT issues.

She told the Guardian: “The reason why I am not focused on that now is because I deeply, truly believe Serbia will be a more tolerant society once people have jobs, better paid jobs, don’t have to care about their own livelihood, or the future of their own children, and do not have to worry about two or three generations living in the same flat.”