Tell It to the Bees: British lesbian romance movie release date and trailer

A shot from the the trailer of lesbian romance Tell It to the Bees.

The trailer for lesbian movie Tell It to the Bees has dropped, and people are thrilled at the idea of watching the queer love story.

Starring openly bisexual actress Anna Paquin and Holliday Grainger, the lesbian movie shows the women falling for each other in a small town in Scotland in the 1950s.

A shot from the Tell It to the Bees trailer, which was release on March 7 2019.

Anna Paquin and Holliday Grainger star in the lesbian romance. (Reliance Entertainment Productions 8)

X-Men star Paquin plays Dr Jean Markham, who returns to her hometown in order to run her dad’s medical practice.

She befriends one of her child patients and shows him the beehives in her garden, before meeting his mother, Grainger’s Lydia. The two start a love affair, prompting malicious rumours to spread through the small town in an era when same-sex relations were illegal.

The lesbian romance film is set to come out on May 3 in the US before being released in the UK on June 7.

Watch the trailer for Tell It to the Bees here:

Itis based on Fiona Shaw’s novel and has been directed by Annabel Jankel.

Tell It to the Bees has already thrilled queer people

After the trailer dropped on Thursday (March 7), people rushed to vocalise their excitement about the lesbian romance, which comes after The Favourite was nominated for four Oscars and won one last month.

One of these delighted people tweeted: “I’m so excited for Tell It to the Bees, the chemistry between them is huge.”

Another said: “omg lesbians I’m in love with the Tell It to the Bees (2019) trailer…. We will be supporting!”


— @wthringheights

Others were more obviously fervent in their support, like the user who wrote: “EXCUSE ME WHILE I DIE.”

Some were delighted with the film’s poster, which features Paquin and Grainger embracing against a backdrop of honeycomb. One fan wrote: “THE OFFICIAL POSTER FOR TELL IT TO THE BEES IS A MASTERPIECE.”

Other fans cast themselves as fandom soldiers who planned to champion Tell It to the Bees.

One of these people tweeted: “i am a: tell it to the bees (2018) warrior.”


And one suggested that the trailer had deliberately been released on Rachel Weisz’s birthday, with the British actress having starred in lesbian films Disobedience and The Favourite over the past year.

They wrote: “tell it to the bees trailer out same day as rachel weisz birthday. convenience? I think not.”