11-year-old Good Girls character comes out as trans in beautiful scene

Sadie in Good Girls, played by Isaiah Stannard

An 11-year-old character on NBC show Good Girls has come out to their mother as transgender in a beautiful scene.

The character Sadie, played by Isaiah Stannard, came out to his mum Annie during the episode that aired on Sunday (April 21).

Good Girls character comes out to mother as trans

Annie, played by Mae Whitman, had just revealed that Sadie’s stepmother had given birth, saying: “It’s a boy.”

Sadie replied: “Mom, so am I.”

Good Girls character Annie, played by Mae Whitman, hugs son Sadie, played by Isaiah Stannard,

Good Girls character Annie, played by Mae Whitman, hugs son Sadie, played by Isaiah Stannard,

Annie responds emotionally, hugging her son before adding: “I always wanted a boy.”

The character is yet to reveal his new name on the show.

transgender plot follows actor’s real life transition

The show has been exploring the character’s gender identity for some time, but took a major step in deciding to have the character come out as trans.

The story arc is very close to home for 14-year-old actor Isaiah Stannard—who was originally cast while presenting as female, but came out as trans as he joined the show in 2018.

Speaking to Variety in 2018, Good Girls creator Jenna Bans explained: “We realised we had a really great opportunity to tell a story about a character who was gender non-conforming, but at the same time not necessarily have that be what leads the story.

“What’s most important to the character and the story we’re telling between Sadie and Annie is really about the bond between Sadie and her mom.

“We liked the idea that the character of Sadie was exploring her gender [expression] in the show, but I think what we responded to more was that the Mae Whitman character just couldn’t care less.”

The TV creator consulted with GLAAD on the plot line, to ensure it was a sensitive and accurate portrayal.

The comedy-drama has previously made clear that Annie is on board with Sadie exploring their gender identity.

When her ex-husband suggested putting Sadie in therapy, Annie responded: “She doesn’t need therapy, she’s figuring out who she is.”

Whitman told Channel Guide Magazine in 2018: “Now that her kid’s old enough to be taking care of herself, Annie’s having to face all of her decisions and face herself as a person, not just as a mom.

“It’s fun to be able to see that switch, that whenever Sadie needs something, Annie really flips it on and becomes way responsible and strong.”

NBC recently commissioned a sitcom with a female bisexual lead.