London train passengers ‘called dykes and poofs’ by gin-swilling lout

A man wearing a hi-vis vest and a man in a black cap

Two men verbally abused passengers waiting to board a train in London on Friday (June 21), reportedly using a series of racist and homophobic slurs.

Video footage shows one of the men shouting and swearing at passengers on a platform in Bellingham, south east London at about 11.48am.

The man, who is wearing a yellow hi-vis vest and sipping from what appears to be a can of pink gin, is heard shouting at another man: “Get the f*** on this train then you poof.”

Adam Pugh, a former police officer, shared the footage on Twitter. He said that he was helping a woman with a pushchair when he heard the commotion.

Video shows two men verbally abusing public

“As we get to the bottom of the stairs I can hear all them f’ing and blinding and using the N word,” he told PinkNews.

“I saw two guys sitting on a bench. There was a black guy to their left who they were racially abusing.

“A woman with a small child told them to leave him alone, at which point they started calling her a fat c*** and a dyke.”

Pugh said that another man then interjected.

“That’s where you seem him look at the camera and start saying ‘what’s it f***ing got to do with you.’ He called him a poof and a queer, I think he used the word f**got.

“He then turned to the black guy and said ‘you lot are rapists,’ and made a comment about ‘after Brexit you can all f*** off.’”

Abuse continued on train

Pugh escorted one of the other men onto the train, where he said the abuse continued. A second video shows the vest-wearing man threatening to “take everything you’ve got.”

After the other people involved departed the train one by one, Pugh got off at Elephant and Castle, where the two men followed him.

“I ducked into the station and then the police came, they tried to find them but couldn’t.”

The British Transport Police (BTP) confirmed to PinkNews that an incident had taken place, but could not offer any further detail.

A spokesperson from Govia Thameslink, which operates the service on which the incident took place, told PinkNews: “This is completely disgusting and unacceptable and has been reported to the British Transport Police.

“People with any additional information should contact BTP directly, either online, via text on 61016 or in an emergency by calling 999.”

Anti-LGBT assaults on London’s transport network

The incident is the latest anti-LGBT+ attack on the capital’s transport network.

On June 7, two women were left bloodied after refusing to kiss for a group of four men on a night bus in north London.

In May, a horrifying clip filmed on the London Underground showed a woman shouting anti-gay abuse at a man and appearing to spit at him.

Earlier that same month, two teenagers were fined after putting a man in a headlock on the tube and telling him to apologise for being gay.