Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price stands in ‘total solidarity with trans siblings’

Adam Price at the PinkNews summer reception in Cardiff

Leader of Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru Adam Price vowed to be in “total solidarity” with his “trans siblings” at the PinkNews summers reception in Cardiff today (July 11). 

Price spoke about his experience of discrimination against gay people in the 80s, and compared it to the discrimination faced by transgender people now.

He said: “The arrow of history may bend toward justice but it’s not inevitable. For the first time in a generation, attitudes towards same-sex relationships are going backwards. So, we need to be vigilant, absolutely.

“We’ve seen the terrible campaign of transphobic hatred that, for me, echoes exactly what the gay community went through in the 1980s.

“It was a formative time for me, I remember that first march in Cardiff against section 28, I wasn’t even out then myself. It was a first baby step for this Stonewall baby. It was so important.

“By showing solidarity, by being there with each other shoulder to shoulder we could develop the confidence which everything we’ve achieved since was built on.

“It’s our responsibility to show total solidarity with our trans siblings at this difficult time.”

He continued: “I am clear, and Plaid Cymru is clear, that we reject in its totality the transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, and every other prejudice and discrimination that happens to the LGBT+ community.”

Adam Price at the PinkNews summer reception in Cardiff

Adam Price said we must be in “total solidarity with our trans siblings” at the PinkNews summer reception in Cardiff. (PinkNews)

Adam Price said Wales must provide mental health services to LGBT+ people of all ages

Price said he welcomed the government’s announcement that the first gender identity clinic in Wales would be opening in September, but was clear that there is much more to be done.

He said schools must tackle homophobic and transphobic bullying, and teach about healthy LGBT+ relationships as well as “about the history of LGBT+ people and their significant contribution to Wales along the centuries.”
Price also insisted that Wales must “put an end to the inequality that faces gay men who wish to give blood,” “ensure that mental health services are available to LGBT+ people of all ages,” and “ensure that trans people can express their identity without suffering arduous bureaucratic processes.”

The Plaid Cymru leader finished by saying: “The truth is, Wales cannot truly be free if our LGBT+ citizens are not free.

“The last few years have seen an incredible increase in our rights, but we still must do much, much more.

The PinkNews event took place in the National Assembly of Wales and was supported by lead partner Great Western Rail, and supporting partners Admiral and Lewis Silkin.

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