Campaign exposes pro-LGBT companies donating to anti-LGBT lawmakers

Some of the high-profile companies exposed in the first wave of Zero for Zero's investigation

A newly-unveiled social media campaign called ‘Zero for Zeros’ is revealing the pro-LGBT+ companies donating money to harmful anti-LGBT+ Republicans.

Facebook, Google, Mastercard, American Airlines, T-Mobile and Amazon are among the corporations exposed by Zero for Zeros in the first wave of their investigation.

Their report identified dozens of companies which held top ratings on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index while simultaneously donating a combined $5.8 million to anti-LGBT+ politicians between 2010 and 2018.

For example, Republican Senator Ted Cruz received campaign contributions of $18,500 from Google, $16,000 from American Airlines, $15,000 from Microsoft and $2,000 from Amazon since 2012.

“Thee companies are some of the most well-known companies throughout the world and they do not support LGBT equality in many ways,” said Zero for Zeros campaign manager Lane Hudson in a statement.

“Their political contributions to the most anti-gay members of Congress do not reflect the values they have expressed to their employees and the public.”

Your company’s Pride was on full display during Pride month

More than 30 LGBT+ activists endorsed the Zero for Zeros campaign, stating: “We believe that companies who believe in LGBT Equality should not contribute to elected officials who actively work against equality.”

Last week, they sent an open letter to the CEOs of the companies listed, calling on them to end their financial support of anti-LGBT+ politicians while pointing out: “Your company’s Pride was on full display during Pride month.”

The letter continues: “[The anti-gay lawmakers’] actions and the values that they represent are completely out of step with your company’s support for the LGBT community.

The worst of the worst

“By ending your support of the worst of the worst Members of Congress on LGBT equality, you will affirm that it is not acceptable to oppose equality at every turn.

“It would also put you in the company of hundreds of other companies, some of them your competitors, that do not support the worst of the worst.”

None of the companies have publicly responded to the campaign yet.