14 years after legalisation, one in four Canadians opposes equal marriage

Despite equal marriage being legalised in Canada in 2005, a study has shown that 25 percent of Canadians still don’t think same-sex couples should be able to marry.

The study was conducted last month by Research Co. and surveyed 1,000 Canadian adults.

10 percent of respondents said same-sex couples should not have any kind of legal recognition and 15 percent said they should have civil unions but not be allowed to get married.

Support of equal marriage was greater among women, with 72 percent saying that same-sex couples should continue to be allowed to marry, compared to just 59 percent of men.

24 percent of Canadians also said that they thought LGBT+ people “choose” their orientation or gender identity, while 45 percent thought they were born LGBT+ and 31 percent were not sure.

President of Research Co., Mario Canseco, wrote a piece for Business in Vancouver in which he said: “Policy-makers should be smart enough to understand what most Canadians and many companies already know: the only “choice” at hand on LGBTQ2+ issues is one between prejudice and acceptance.”

Photo: (GEOFF ROBINS/AFP/Getty Images)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the 2017 Pride Parade in Toronto. (Getty)

One in five Canadians oppose LGBT-inclusive education

The people surveyed were also asked their opinions on sexual orientations and gender identities (SOGI) inclusive education which, according to Research Co., “raises awareness of and welcomes students of all sexual orientations, gender identities and family structures.”

One in five Canadians either strongly or moderately oppose SOGI-inclusive education. 62 percent strongly or moderately support it and 18 percent are unsure.

Last month, the Anglican church of Canada voted against approving same-sex marriage in its churches, in a decision that hung on a single vote.

One bishop wrote on Facebook after the decision: “I had hoped that our Church was in a different place and would arrive at a different decision. I assure all of our LGBTQ+ siblings – beloved children of God – of my love and support.”