Drag queen eloquently explains why Straight Pride is so offensive

This year’s usual Pride calendar – filled with glitter and glee – had a few blotches this year after several groups in the US tried to organise Straight Pride.

But in a video for PinkNews, drag queen Le Gateau Chocolat has slammed Straight Prides as “unnecessary”.

“Pride still holds a very important place and function – to see yourself represented.

“To see your kind on the main stage, to know that your kind is here, queer, and not going anywhere.”

She highlighted how for many “only gays in the village”, seeing themselves and not feeling alone is a crucial aspect of Pride, one that, Gateau said, straight folk don’t necessarily need.

“It’s like when people go, ‘Why don’t we have straight month?’ ‘Cus every day is straight month, straight day!

“‘Why don’t we have white history month?’ Because that’s all we’ve been taught! That’s what we live!”

Watch her interview about with PinkNews.

She added: “That’s why Pride is important. The 50th anniversary of the [partial] decriminalisation of homosexuality [in the UK]… You’ve never been criminalised!”

The rise of Straight Pride parades.

A Straight Pride parade will be held in Boston on Saturday, 31 August, organised by a group of three men calling themselves Super Happy Fun America.

The group claim they advocate on behalf of heterosexual folk, complete with a “heterosexual Pride flag”.

Yet many speakers lined-up have ties to right-wing organisations.

While it’s certainly not the first attempt to host a Straight Pride event, though most previous efforts have failed to garner more than 10 attendees, many have sprung up this year.

Such as one in California, where counter-protesters vastly outnumbered the 20 participants.

Organisers, the National Straight Pride Coalition, said its goals are “preventing the current and future generations of all races and colours from being destroyed by the inherent malevolence of the Homosexual Movement.”