Love Island makes history with its first-ever same-sex coupling

Love Island Australia same-sex couple

Love Island Australia made history when its first ever same-sex couple paired up on Monday in the second season of the show.

This season is set in a villa in Fiji and hosted by Australian model and actress Sophie Monk. It airs in the UK on ITVBe. 

Phoebe Thompson and Cassie Lansdell had a connection throughout the first episode, although neither of them have dated a woman before.

Thompson was a later addition to the cast, and upon her arrival said that she was more attracted to Landell than she was to any of the men in the villa.

She said in the episode: “If none of the boys do it for me, I’m not going to fake it. It’s about me and doing what’s best for me, it’s not about anyone else.”

When it came to the coupling ceremony, Thompson said: “I want to couple up with this person because as soon as I walked into the villa I noticed them straight away.

“They’ve pretty much been the only person in the villa that I’ve had a sexual attraction to. It took me by surprise but every time I talk to this person I just feel like we have so much in common and nothing is ever awkward.”

When she announced that she was choosing Lansdell, the other contestants and Monk looked noticeably shocked, and the host said: “I did not see this coming… This is incredible.”

Love Island Australia same-sex couple

Phoebe and Cassie shocked contestants and host Sophie Monk when they decided to couple up. (Love Island Australia/ Youtube)

However another contestant in the villa, 19-year-old born-again Christian Cartier Surjan, said in an interview before the new season aired that she doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage. 

“With same-sex marriage, I’m a Christian,” she said.

“I don’t believe in it, but I’m never going to discriminate against someone and make them feel uncomfortable about themselves.”