YouTuber Lilly Singh opens up about loving who she wants to love in touching speech

Actress Lilly Singh attend the Vogue Women of the Year on October 19, 2019 in Mumbai, India. (Prodip Guha/Getty Images)

YouTuber Lilly Singh, known on the video-sharing site as Superwoman, delivered a heartwarming acceptance speech at the Vogue Women of the Year awards this weekend.

The Canadian comedian came out as bisexual in a tweet on January 2019.

She became the first Indian-origin female host on broadcast television in America with her late night show, A Little Late with Lilly Sing, this year.

With her soaring fanbase of 14 million subscribers, Singh bagged the Absolut Born Colourless Global Indian of the Year title.

Lilly Singh: ‘I never described myself as being fabulous, or stylish, or fashionable’.

Held in Mumbai, India, last night, the ceremony saw champagne glasses clinked and major Bollywood stars, activists, models and comedians in attendance.

Singh was one of them.

The actor has built a following on her pop-culture inspired YouTube and comedy sets, often trading on parodies of South Asian culture and then sketches with celebrity friends.

Singh swapped her usual uniform of a baggy top and backwards cap for an elegant ensemble last night.

“I wanted to say, growing up I never described myself as being fabulous, or stylish, or fashionable,” she said.

“I was a tomboy, I was weird. But recently I grew into myself.

“I learnt to talk the way I talk, dress the way I dress, love who I want to love, be who I want to do be.

“I’ve found my true authentic self and it feels awesome. Recently I also did my first Vogue cover.

“So, I’ve learned a really good lesson that the most fashionable, stylish thing you can be is authentically yourself.

“I’m very proud.”

Bisexual comedian Lilly Singh graces front cover of Vogue India.

Her acceptance speech echoed her Instagram post featuring her Vogue India cover.

Reprising her struggle to accept herself while imploring her following to be “who they are”, Singh wrote: “This is my first Vogue cover.

“God willing it’s the first of many to come.

“It’s a reminder that the most…  stylish and fabulous thing you can be is your authentic self.

“That’s true beauty.”