Viral video asking if guys prefer masc men has broken gay Twitter

A viral video exploring how gay men view masculinity has divided Twitter. (Elements Envato)

This is the way gay Twitter ends, not with a bang, but with a viral video about masc men in which certain pockets of the community’s internalised homophobia and misogyny leap out.

A clip showing six gay men sounding out on whether they prefer to date ‘masculine’ men has divided Twitter and incited conversions about whether having sexual preferences to gender expression is natural or nurtured.

The video from YouTube channel Jubilee asked the group an array of questions to see how their opinions differ. While originally dropped in August, a clip of it was re-posted on Twitter and sent shockwaves.

‘Masculine’ man prefers men like himself because he wants ‘that equality’.

When the men are asked if they “prefer masculine men”, they quickly scatter across the concrete floor.

Three strongly agreed, two somewhat agreed and one one disagreed albeit, “somewhat”.

“Personally, I’m a really feminine, flamboyant person,” said Josh, who strongly agreed.

“So having that same energy with another person doesn’t really seem attractive to me.”

Charlie jumped in to agree, but for a very different reason.

“I’m on this line because I want someone who is my equal.

“I identify as a masculine man, therefore I think the reason I strongly agree is just because I want that equality in my relationship, as a masculine man.”

‘The whole video is a hot trifling mess’: Twitter is not at all impressed.

Twitter, in what is basically the law at this point, had a lot of thoughts.

Many users were divided over what the labels ‘masc’ and ‘femme’ mean to them in relation to their sexuality and what impact this binary can have on the wider community.

Charlie proved as the crux of contention for many users, who slammed him as a symbol of “‘straight’ acting internally homophobic” men.

“Can we really take in what the last guy said,” emphasised Twitter user Michael.

“He said he wants ‘equality’ and for that to happen, he wants another masculine male. Really take that in.

“These gays have internalise homophobia and have the mind frame that because they are masculine, they are better.”

Michael went onto discuss that attraction to masculinity and femininity is valid, “but to basically say that if someone’s feminine, they will not be equal too you and insinuating they will be less then you is literally misogynistic.

“It’s also disgusting to see these men hate on fem gay men when fem gay men are the ones that can carry themselves through their whole lives and be proud,” he added.

Although, a handful of users doubted Charlie’s self-declaration as masc.

And others where weary of Josh’s logic for dating masculine men as individuals he can see himself “grow with”.

“How can you depend on a masc guy for growth when you can’t even grow with a femme person like yourself?” questioned one user.

‘There’s a lot of social pressure’ to like masculine guys.

Ellis, the man seen at the end of the clip, became a hero on Twitter after he looked directly into the camera, face strained, eyes conveying annoyance and several internal screams all at once.

In the rest of the video, Ellis, who “somewhat disagrees” with an attraction to masculine men, steps in to signpost that one’s sexuality is more based on socialisation that expected.

“Yes, there’s a lot of innate attraction of what you like, but I think there’s a lot of social pressure that you don’t even realise is happening subconsciously that you’re trained to like,” he explained.

“I do like masculine men as well then I was kind of taking a step back, [I asked myself] why is that? Why do I like that? Am I being kind of force-fed that?”

Moreover, Bill, an older gay man, only somewhat agreed. He shared that being bullied for being feminine as a child shaped his perception of his ideal mate.

“I was always drawn to people who were masculine. I don’t know if it was because if they were feminine, that reminded me of parts of myself I didn’t like. I think there was an aspect of that,” Bill explained.

You can watch the full video below: