The ‘My LGBTQ Family’ Twitter thread – rallying against new anti-trans LGB Alliance – shows the beauty of queer community

Defiant queers are rallying against a new anti-trans group called “LGB Alliance” with a Twitter thread showing the beauty of the LGBT+ community.

The “LGB Alliance” launched this week in what it called a “historic moment for the lesbian, gay and bisexual movement”.

However, lesbian, gay and bisexual people slammed the new group online – blasting it for being “transphobic“, “disgusting” and “vile“. Many of them also pointed out that many members of the new group are straight, as are a lot of the people backing it online.

Using the hashtag #LGBTQFamily, started by broadcaster Sarah O’Connell, queer people are sharing their photos and videos of their – sometimes chosen, sometimes biological – families.

A small but highly-funded hate group are obsessively trying to divide the LGBTQ community & push everyone out of society. Let’s get #LGBTQFamily trending to show that we’re ALL in this together! (Allies too!),” O’Connell said.

“As a transgender woman I have not felt the love from the lgb community in my almost 60 years DADT repeal was passed with the lgb community and HRC alog with the Democrats to trade the transgender peoples rights to serve in the military and terminated the right to equal access,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Cishet ally here. I’m not falling for it,” said another person.

“Sometimes our families are the ones we make for ourselves,” said another person, with a picture of three young people in Pride t-shirts.

“Peace and love to THE entire LGBT family from a friend and ally who stands with you in this fight against bigetory, intolerance, hate, harm, ignorance and stupidity. Love is love which is far better and more powerful than hate is hate! Do not live in fear because of idiots,” said a Twitter user.