Jameela Jamil is popping off at anti-trans activists on Twitter and it’s glorious

Actor and feminist activist Jameela Jamil

The Good Place star Jameela Jamil has warned that scare stories about transgender people are part of an “insidious pattern” used against other minority groups.

The actor and feminist activist’s comments were motivated by the launch of the so-called LGB Alliance, a group formed to oppose the inclusion of transgender people in the LGBT+ community.

She noted that the group’s tactics in targeting trans people are similar to those used to degrade other marginalised groups.

Jameela Jamil says anti-trans scare stories follow ‘insidious pattern’ of racism

Jamil explained: “It would be good if the LGB Alliance, and their main champions, whilst simultaneously claiming they are not anti-trans, would stop relentlessly tweeting about the (minority of) trans folk who commit violent crimes as if in some way that’s indicative of the entire group.

“The pointedly selective reporting of the *few* trans women who have committed violent crimes, with WAY fewer articles on how many of them are murdered, harassed and oppressed… reminds me a LOT of the way the press report on Muslims/south Asians to paint us all as terrorists. ?

“We do this to marginalised group after marginalised group. We have to get wise to this insidious pattern and fight back against the media powers that play us against each other in order to maintain their privileged position. If we point at each other, we don’t point at them.”

Some points were made.

Feminist campaigner told to ‘sit down’ by anti-trans activists.

Naturally, the comments unleashed a wave of attacks and criticism from anti-trans activists.

When one critic claimed trans women “are erasing women’s rights” and told Jamil to “sit down”, the body-positivity campaigner replied: “Why don’t you sit down? I am a full time feminist activist. I am also a trans advocate, and I in no way see trans women as ANY threat to our fight.

No, Jameela Jamil will not sit down.

No, Jameela Jamil will not sit down. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for InStyle )

“To include them is true feminism. The propaganda against them makes them *appear* to be interrupting our cause, but it’s nonsense.”

In response to another comment claiming women are worried about “our identity being redefined through the lens of males determined to appropriate womanhood,” she wrote: “This is a perfect display of how a worrying amount (not all) of cis-women essentially characterise trans women as nothing more than men playing dress up.

“It’s a complete denial of their identity. I personally see trans women as strength in numbers in the fight against oppression❤️”