Jameela Jamil explains why she ‘claps back’ at ‘hostile’ trolls who hate on She-Hulk

Jameela Jamil and She-Hulk

Ahead of the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law finale, Jameela Jamil defended the series against less-than-kind comments from some viewers.

Jamil stars opposite Tatiana Maslaney’s She-Hulk as one of the show’s antagonists, super-powered influencer, Titania.

The Marvel series wrapped up with a “wild” finale on Thursday (13 October). Ahead of its release, Jamil posted on Twitter she was “waiting for the final episode like…” with a video of her eating fries in Times Square – resulting in negative comments from trolls.

One Twitter user commented: “Who’s waiting?” alongside two laughing emojis. Jamil, who has rebranded her Twitter account to mimic that of social media obsessed Titania, replied:

lol… why are so many men so upset? Are you all ok?”

It’s a fair question, Jameela.

She then followed up with a separate tweet:

Another Twitter user then replied to that tweet, saying: “Nah fam. You literally attack anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with you. The hypocrisy of this tweet is absolutely hilarious. Do better.”

Jamil then replied again, clarifying her reasons for engaging with furious She-Hulk viewers on Twitter.

In two separate threads, she also highlighted what she meant by ‘hostile’, as well as the value of engaging with critics.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law currently has an 87 per cent approval rating on critic site Rotten Tomatoes, despite constant review bombing, from Marvel fans furious at the existence of a female-led TV franchise.

The main antagonists of the series (besides Titania), are a group of incels called Intellgencia, who leak a video of She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters having sex. A fan-designed poster for the show has since sparked backlash on Twitter.

Maslaney is a firm LGBTQ+ ally, wearing a shirt that reads ‘Support Trans Futures‘ in a promotional video for the series.