The fact this comedian’s spoof of a gender reveal is so believable means that they really have gone too far

A farting gender reveal party.

A farting, and it cannot be stressed enough, gender reveal party.

Let that sink in. Re-read it, re-read it one more time.

Keep re-reading it until you fully realise the ramifications of what that sentence not only says, but what it truly means for humanity itself.

After plane crashes, two explosions, Jell-O-filled hippos, runaway balloons, blue lasagne, a thousand acre-sized wildfire and ‘gendered’ fog spewing from a car doing doughnuts in a cul-de-sac ending in four arrests, maybe flatulence isn’t fanning the flames of heterosexual madness as it first appears?

Thankfully, while all of the aforementioned reveals are very, very, absurdly real, the latest isn’t.

Well, not yet.

‘All future gender rivals are cancelled.’

Prankster Paige Ginn has broken the internet for apparently blowing blue powered out of her buttocks as three women bounce up and down in excitement at the news.

The actor stares stoically at the camera lens, dressed in a white shirt, as the act take places around her and she breaks into a giggle in the end.

She tweeted the video before adding in a follow-up: “All future gender reveals are cancelled.”

The video has gone viral, tallying nearly 11 million views and was even uploaded to PornHub in a video titled: “Super Hot Fart.”

That video has been viewed nearly 2,000 times and has an 83% approval rating.

Although, Ginn was slightly perplexed about her new found fame on the adult film site:

Gender reveal party parody tips Twitter into turmoil.

Twitter users gathered together, many muttering hushed prayers as they stood and watched the decent of the human race.

“I’m at a loss,” one user mourned, “humanity has definitely taken a hit today.”

Another added: “Call me old fashioned, but I am sticking with waiting to hear the doctors say: ‘Congratulations, you have a baby.'”

‘Best parody ever.’

Amid the eye-scrubbing gifs, rallies to “delete this tweet” and fear that it’s officially the apocalypse, some users praised Ginn for her creativity.

“Best parody ever,” proclaimed Bridget.

However, one user was sufficiently impressed that, parody and all, Ginn stuck to the biological binaries of gender.

“At least they aren’t denying the kid’s gender,” said Stephen.

“I was half expecting them to pop the balloons and pictures of Sam Smith come flying out with words saying ‘they will be allowed to choose their own gender in their own time’.”

Sam Smith on stage at The O2 Arena in London, England, 2018. (Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

As far as gender reveals go  – the concept of celebrating your unborn child’s genitalia with loved ones – Stephen’s idea might actually be the most respectable one yet.

Critics of the parties have called them unnecessary and potentially harmful to children as they reinforce restrictive gender-based stereotypes.

Moreover, the parties often ignore the fact that there are more than two genders, and gender exists on a spectrum.

While the blogger behind the first reported reveal has since voiced her “mixed feelings” about her legacy.