Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac teases ‘potential’ of Finn/Poe romance: ‘These guys love each other’

Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac is single-handedly keeping the Finn/Poe ‘Stormpilot’ ship afloat, revealing his hopes for a romance.

Upcoming film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is set to bring to a conclusion the trilogy centred on Rey, Finn and Poe – the three characters introduced in 2015’s The Force Awakens.

Fans hopeful of a gay romance between Finn and Poe (played by John Boyega and Oscar Isaac) have waited years for any on-screen acknowledgement of their clear chemistry, but look set to be disappointed once again.

However, Oscar Isaac appears set on keeping shippers’ flame burning.

Oscar Isaac: These guys love each other

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said: “I think that there is a deep, deep connection between the two of them. There’s a deep, deep connection between me and John.”

He added: “These guys love each other.

“The truth is, as a performer… I can only do so much, cause I don’t write the scripts, but other than say I would think that that would be a great way for the story to go and a much more original one, but I think that, at least, what we can say is that it holds that potential.”

Star Wars characters Finn and Poe, played by John Boyega and Oscar Isaac

Of their interactions in the new film, he teased: “You really get to see Finn and Poe figuring stuff out together.

“They’re on missions together; there’s a lot of camaraderie. There’s tension. There’s fights, as people that are very close have now and then.”

John Boyega previously hinted at Star Wars romance

Speaking in 2017, John Boyega said: “I think that Oscar is always looking at me with love in his eyes, and I guess that the fans saw it. And then they realised that either he needs to chill or come out.”

Of the need for LGBT diversity, he added cryptically: “There definitely is that responsibility, but more the responsibility to hire those from those experiences to share their creative light, that’s the pivotal thing.

“If you hire the same sort of people you’re just getting the same sort of film. It’s not wrong, but then there’s a lack of variety.”