George Michael is making music with Michael Jackson on the ‘other side’, according to a TV psychic. Yes, really

Singer George Michael died on Christmas Day in 2016, and his legacy is one so powerful that fans to this day still wonder about him.

One fan is Sally.

The 50-year-old from Nottinghamshire, England, is a self-described “huge” fan of the pop star.

In search of answers, she found them in the form of psychic to the stars Derek Acorah.

George Michael is chatting new releases with his buddy Michael Jackson, claims psychic.

A year after the ‘Faith’ singer’s passing, she wrote into a newspaper asking Acorah: “Is George Michael OK?”

“I know you’re in touch with Michael Jackson,” she wrote, “are the two of them still making music on the other side?”

After enquiring about Michael’s discography, she then jumps to: “Was he scared when he died alone?”

Acorah has made a living with his alleged ability to be both a clairvoyant and clairaudient, meaning he can hear and see spirit people.

British singer George Michael performs on stage during a charity gala for the benefit of Sidaction, at the Opera Garnier in Paris, on September 9, 2012. Sidaction is a charity event which aims to collect money for the struggle against AIDS virus. AFP PHOTO MIGUEL MEDINA (Photo credit should read MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/GettyImages)

George Michael (Getty)

As a medium, he has connected late celebrities to the land of the living for more than a decade.

He replied: “George passed away very peacefully and yes, he has met up with Michael Jackson on the other side.

According to Acorah, 69, who once predicted his own death aged 67, the artist duo are “enjoying writing and performing songs separately and together.

“They’re also chatting about new bands and whether they like the latest music or not!”

He then claimed that Michael told him that the pair have access to any musical instrument that want.

“Musicians who cross over often do want to meet up with others, so they talk about their experience on the Earth plane and enjoy continuing to make music.”

If chatting about new releases (maybe they’re both wondering where Lady Gaga’s sixth album is, too?) while jamming out is The Good Place, then sign us up, to be honest.

‘Define, “OK”.’

Sally originally wrote to Acorah back in 2017, but the post in all its glory has gone viral each year since.

In this year’s tradition, the people of Twitter were still pretty perplexed about the celebrity medium’s revelation:

Considering that Acorah’s column welcomes readers to “get in touch”, a number of users filed in their own questions:

Or couldn’t help but wonder, in this cosmos of celebrities, who would be in Michael’s friendship circles:

Others plucked at Acorah’s story by wondering what these prophesied “instruments” actually are.

“I think that would be the logical interpretation,” Ian said.

“Broken instruments that have been without sin go to Heaven and the sinful instruments (gay bassoons, covetous xylophones etc) go to Hell to be played by the musical artists that went down below.”

The struggle for gay bassoon rights continues.

“They have access to any instruments, as long as it’s the harp,” commented another user.