The fabulous drag queen son of Argentina’s president wore a rainbow flag to his father’s inauguration

Alberto Fernández with his son Estanislao Fernández

The son of Argentina’s new president rocked a rainbow flag to his dad’s inauguration.

Left-wing leader Alberto Fernández was sworn in on Tuesday as president of Argentina, and was accompanied at the swearing-in ceremony by 24-year-old son, Estanislao Fernández.

The politician’s son – a big name on Argentina’s drag scene who is known as ‘DYHZY’ – kept it moderate for the occasion, but still found time to show his support for equal rights with a rainbow flag.

Estanislao Fernández confirms he was carrying a rainbow flag.

The gesture was noted by local media, who reported that he had been carrying a rainbow-coloured pocket square.

Estanislao responded by showing it off in an Instagram video, joking: “I’d like to clarify that the famous handkerchief that I had… it wasn’t a handkerchief, it was a flag, definitely a flag!”

Same-sex couples can marry in Argentina, but reports of bullying against LGBT+ people are still common.

Estanislao Fernández, who doubles as drag queen DYHZY

Estanislao Fernández, who doubles as drag queen DYHZY

However, the young drag artist has had strong support from his father, who has said: “I want for my son the same as any father, for him to be happy.”

He said in a radio interview ahead of the election: “I have pride in my son, how can I not be proud? My son is a rights activist in that community. I would worry if my son was a criminal, but he is a great man.”

Argentina drag queen has faced political homophobia.

However, the drag queen star has been targeted with political homophobia.

Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of Brazil’s far-right leader, sent a tweet mocking Estanislao in October.

Estanislao fought back, tweeting: “Brazilian brothers, we are in this fight together. I love you.

“Many people from Brazil began to follow me and I want to tell the LGBTTTIQQA + community and allies of Brazil that we are together in this fight.

“Remember that love always conquers hatred and among us, we must always take care of ourselves.”